My class of students all got super excited when I bought Garrett Popcorn for them, all finished within minutes. Fortunately, I grabbed a handful and found myself uncontrollably munching them while grading. Oops!

It was my early Christmas gift to them since school holidays are coming soon, and they enjoyed it too much. Case in point…

What will make a good Christmas gift? Something sweet, something attractive, and something the whole family will enjoy.

Every time I walk past this particular section at City Link Mall, the buttery sweet-caramel aroma from Garrett Popcorn will just tempt me to get a packet.

Then I noticed, just for this season, Garrett Popcorn has introduced a new flavour of Cocoa CaramelCrisp – best for those who enjoy a combination of both dark tantalising cocoa and deliciously sweet caramel.

Tempted yet?

Plus, the popcorn is housed in these limited edition thematic Holiday tins that make attractive presents to families, friends and co-workers for gift-exchanges. (I know of some friends who keep these tins for storage, especially the signature red and green ones, after the popcorn is finished.)

Here are 10 interesting facts about Garrett Popcorn:

Created In 1949
The Garrett family opened the first popcorn shop in Chicago on September 18, 1949.

Available at…
Garrett Popcorn Shops can be found in New York, Las Vegas, Detroit, Atlanta, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Kuwait, Thailand and South Korea.

Made Fresh Daily
No wonder it tastes so good – every batch that is sold in Singapore is made fresh daily with premium ingredients! Did I mention that it’s handmade?

Hot Air Popped
See those copper kettles at the back of every Garrett Popcorn outlet? These is where the blend of kernels is hot air popped, mixed with the secret family recipe. All in small batches to maintain freshness, too.

Garrett Popcorn flavours
Garrett Popcorn flavours include Plain, Buttery, CheeseCorn, CaramelCrisp, Cashew CaramelCrisp, Almond CaramelCrisp, Macadamia CaramelCrisp and The Chicago Mix. Not forgetting the seasonal flavours from time to time.

Best-selling flavour
I really like the Chicago mix, and I’m happy to say that the public agrees with me! Chicago Mix, a blend of sweet sand salty, is the best-selling flavour. It is a blend of CaramelCrisp with that brown sugar and crème brûlée crunch, and savoury CheeseCorn stirred with cheddar cheese.

Chicago Mix Fan-Sourced
p/s: Did you know that the Chicago Mix is fan-sourced? Back in the day, customers used to request for 3 bags in the past, one each for CaramelCrisp and CheeseCorn, and the last empty bag to mix it in themselves. Genius!

Limited edition holiday flavour
The new Cocoa CaramelCrisp has a chocolate-y spin on the classic CaramelCrisp, combining buttery sweetness of caramel with the dark flavours of cocoa.

Word of warning: This is really quite addictive. Initially you get that sweet brown sugar notes, after that the deep, dark chocolate flavour starts kicking in. It is like getting the best of best world.

Only available through December 31, so get it fast!

Create your tin
The Garrett Popcorn tins make attractive and tasty presents which you can customise – pick the tin size (1-Quart and 1-Gallon tins), tin design and the flavours. Tah-dah!

Holiday tins
Other than the signature blue, the festive specials include the classy silvery “White Warmth” design, Christmassy red and green “Signature Holiday” and baby blue “Signature Snowflake”. The Holiday tins are available in 1-Quart and 1-Gallon tins.

I like the Snowflake design best. (No prize for guessing what my favourite colour is. Unfortunately, I just got word that the Winter Warmth tins are selling out fast, so make haste!)

The Garrett Popcorn Holiday tins are now available at promotional pricelist of 2 Quart Bundle at $29.00 (Signature Flavours), and 1 Quart + 1 Gallon Bundle at $48.00 (Signature Flavours) .

(Note: Top-ups required to upgrade Quart and Gallon tins to Nuts CaramelCrisp or Cocoa CaramelCrisp.)

Garrett Popcorn
Resorts World Sentosa #01-077,26 Sentosa Gateway Universal Circle Level 1, Singapore 098138
Wisma Atria B1-44/49, 435 Orchard Road Singapore 238877
VivoCity #01-159
City Link Mall B1-26A, 1 Raffles Link Singapore 039393
Great World City B1-06, 1 Kim Seng Promenade Great World City Singapore 537993
313@Somerset #01-38, 313 Orchard Road #01-38, Somerset, Singapore 238895

For more information visit or its Facebook page

[Giveaway Ended] Garrett Popcorn Giveaway!
Garrett Popcorn will be rewarding 3 readers from with two quart tins of Cocoa CaramelCrisp.
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Step 3 – COMMENT below: What is your favourite popcorn flavour from Garrett Popcorn and why?

Congrats to Teo Min Ming, Siti Aishah, Cyndi Lee on winning the special Christmas edition Garrett Popcorn.


* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Garrett Popcorn.


  1. Macademia CaramelCrisp. I love sweet popcorn, but after a while, they become very ‘jelat’. With the macademia nuts, I get a bit of saltiness between bites of sweet popcorn, which balances the taste nicely! (and, which is why I like this flavour from Garrett best!)

  2. Love it! Especially Macadamia Caramel Crisp… the name already describes the texture! Full of crunchiness and this sweet pops just make my day!

  3. My favourite flavor is the Chicago mix! Having a BALANCED diet is mandatory for everyday life and the combination of sweet and salty helps to keep not only my diet balanced, but also my mood balanced too! 🙂 As a salted caramel fan, the addition of salt to sweet treats works best for me just like how the savoury cheddar cheese adds on a tinge of saltiness to the caramelized crisp popcorns! xD

  4. My ultimate favorite will be Chicago Mix. A mouthful of saltish chessy cheesecorn sinking into goodness of caramel crisp corn. The yin yang flavour bursting in the mouth sends one to cloud nine. I simply love the salty sweetness blend of the two.

  5. Chicago Mix!!!! How can I resist the sweet and salty taste? It’s the best combi ever! I love their cheese corn but after a while it got too salty and I will start to loose my taste bud… And that when the caramel favour comes in to smoothen the taste! I can never get sick of the taste of Garrett popcorn with the Chicago mix favour!!M

  6. I like caramel crisp as it is very crispy and every single popcorn is well coated. You can keep for a few days and it will still be crispy! It’s really addictive and we will eat nonstop. Last time we even went all the way to USS to buy.

  7. Me and my mum always buy the Macadamia CaramelCrisp flavour … It’s our Favourite! We will always join the queue when there was an outlet at Tampines Mall and will be disappointed when it ran out of stock …. We have not had Garrett’s popcorn since the outlet moved away. The new Cocoa CaramelCrisp popcorn sounds absolutely to die for (I’m a cocoa fan) would love to win some to share with my mum the crispy cocoa and caramel goodness of Garrett’s popcorn … Yah!

  8. My favourite is CaramelCrisp!!! I wish I can win this as I am currently on hospitalisation leave and was irdered by my doctor to bedrest but I really want to eat my all-time-favourite popcorn!!!!!!

  9. Great contest. Would love to win the popcorns, can share with my family as we celebrate Christmas together. Its always potluck, may i win it so that my ‘dish contribution’ for this year is crispy delicious popcorns!

  10. Love the Macademia CaramelCrisp. The crips of macademia nuts balance up the sweetness from the popcorn, taste fantastic! best for movie date at home!

  11. I love the Cocoa Caramel Crisp! This is because I’m a chocolate lover and my sis is too and we can both enjoy the fun of sharing together since we love thos same flavour! Plus, I love the crispy feeling pf caramel crisp! I simply love Garrett Popcorn!

  12. Hi Daniel, I love the Chicago mix! It comprises of both sweet and salty savory popcorns, which I absolutely adore bcos I can get the best of both worlds. And I agree that Garrett’s popcorns are really irresistible, once you start, it’s real tough to stop. ?

  13. Yes, I agreed with you, Mr Daniel! Mega love Chicago Mix too! Those are my top favourite flavors, both CaramelCrisp & CheeseCorn. Never get sick or “jelat” with Garrett Popcorn. Love the crispy sweet & salty of CaramelCrisp, and the savoury salty of CheeseCorn that melts in your mouth. The first & foremost best & shiok-est popcorns that wins my heart away. Hope I could win the tin of Cocoa CaramelCrisp!!

  14. Macadamia Caramel Crisp because of the sweet caramel taste and flavoring Macadamia nut that containing in the popcorns! Every bites just taste heavenly good!! 😀

  15. Super love the Chicago mix! A great mix of caramel crisp and cheese corn. Every mouthful of the mix brings with it a mixture of crispy sweet, and savory salty. Super duper love the popcorns. Hope i can win the tin of cocoa caramel crisp and be in love with another flavor! Thanks for organizing!

  16. I love your Chicago mix!
    My girl loves the cheesy corn while my boy loves caramel crip.
    Best of both worlds!
    Please let us have a tin for Xmas

  17. We love caramel crispy as we love the crunchy sweetness. Takes a helluva self-control not to hog a whole pack to oneself!!

  18. Love the Chicago Mix cos the husband loves sweet popcorn and I love salted ones.. We can both share the love without fighting or having our own snack… love dovey to the next level!

  19. Chicago Mix! Having the best of both world in a bag! It’s like you have a bite of sweet and just as you think it’s too sweet, you can a taste of the salty to balance off the flavour and vice versa. Addictive to the max!

  20. My favourite is the The Chicago Mix (same as you!!!) The mixture of sweet and saltiness is able to satisfy all my taste buds at one go and I feel super satisfied after eating it!!! Would love to win this to share them with my friends and family over the festive season! 🙂

  21. Macadamia caramelcrisp! Best flavor ever caramel sweetness! Who wouldnt hog a pack herself and most girls love a sweet treat.

  22. Thank you for always recommending Yummy Yum Yum food, both locally & overseas! Chicago Mix! I hope to win because I will be moving to my place and if I win, I can share with my new neighbours.

  23. I love the Chicago mix!!! The mixture of cheese’s saltiness & caramel’s sweetness is just too plain awesome!! I hope to win this and share the joy with my loved ones 🙂

  24. My favourite popcorn is Buttery because it is super delicious. It taste a little buttery and a little bit salty which is very appetising and having too much of it will not make me feel sick.

  25. My whole family love Garrett Popcorn so much..our top favourite we usually buy are cashew caramelcrisp..almond caramelcrisp & macadamia super addictive.Once u start..u never stop.hope to win this as it my son birthday on xmas eve..just want to surprise him…:)

  26. No other brand of popcorn can compare to Garnett & once u tried them, there r simply no other popcorn for u! Love d Chicago mix of cheese & caramelcrisp that both my 2 sons & I simply love! Hope it comes in d blue snowflake tin!

  27. I love the caramel crisp, as its crunchy & full of caramel taste. Its so addictive that once u take a mouthful, another mouthful just continues. Probably it takes about 2 days to finish it. Hope I can win & share it with everyone I love =)

  28. Garrett Popcorn is my family’s favorite….hope to win and have a Merry Christmas hohoho


  29. Iwant this lovely, amazing and wonderful gift for Christmas ho ho ho!!!

         ??         ??
               ? ⭐ ?

  30. I love CaramelCrisp with that brown sugar and crème brûlée crunch !! ❤️ I fell in love in eating popcorn after Garrett Popcorn came in to the market ! Love At first bite ! ❤️❤️ I hope I can win ! Thanks !!

  31. Yeah!! I like macadamia caramel! Cos I love the blend of nuts and sweetness!!
    选我选我选我! I want I want I want!
    Fat die me!!

  32. I like the macadamia caramel popcorn!! The best combination of nuts and caramel in the popcorn!! I love the sweetness from caramel and the Crunthy nuts texture from macadamia!!:)
    Hopefully u can choose me!! This days have been very tough for me, this would be a good gifts to further cheer myself up!:)

  33. My favourite popcorn favour from Garrett Popcorn is Chicago mix (cheesy plus caramel popcorn). Biting into the savoury and sweet mix is damn shiok! I always buy 1 pack when I pass by the shop. It is my family favourite and we finish a pack super fast.

    I am excited to try the new cocoa caramel favour and hope to win it as a gift for my family 🙂

    Thank you for the giveaway. Merry Christmas!

  34. I love the Chicago mix!!!! what to say.. Great minds thinks alike.. Likewise the palate of the wise ;)) the sweet caramel taste mixed with the cheese .. Yums 😉 really hope to win this for Christmas!!! Cheers!

  35. I love caramel crisps cos it’s so sweet and crunchy! MEGA SWEET TOOTH HERE ?? and i love chocolate (never too much of it!) so i would really love to try that tin of cocoa caramel crisps! Chocolate makes anything sweet taste sweeter and better!! 😀

  36. I honestly seriously really absolutely don’t think ANYONE can resist Cocoa Caramel!! What am I to do if I don’t get a tin?? I’m gonna finish it wayyyyyyy before Christmas even! Thanks for introducing this Xmas treat Daniel!

  37. I always get the jumbo chicago mix from 313 but I realise i like to eat them seperatedly so I’ll eat some cheesy ones then caramel ones and alternate back and forth. I know i’m supposed to eat it both at the same time for the ultimate oomph but I love getting the crunch from the caramel in one shot and the melt in your mouth feeling from the cheese<3
    Liked and shared on facebook! 🙂

  38. Macadamia caramel crisp!!! But I’m looking forward to try the cocoa caramel crisp one too!!!! Sweet and crunchy always gives my tastebuds a good “high” oh and the sound of the crunch together with the familiar tummy warming Garret popcorn scent . All my five senses Kent bombarded how to not love?!!??

  39. Macadamia caramel crisp!!! But I’m looking forward to try the cocoa caramel crisp one too!!!! Sweet and crunchy always gives my tastebuds a good “high” oh and the sound of the crunch together with the familiar tummy warming Garret popcorn scent . All my five senses Kent bombarded how to not LOVE?!??

  40. I love the macadamia Caramel crisps! I love the taste. My mother in law love the popcorn and will not compromise on other brand popcorn. Hope I will win for her:)

  41. I loveeee Chicago Mix!! It’s basically the best of both world and deliciously balanced! We started getting Chicago Mix because my sister loves CaramelCrisp while I love CheeseCorn and we had to compromise to share. Now, the both of us absolutely adore Chicago Mix and we eat both flavours enthusiastically! Hahaha! Garrett Popcorn’s are the bomb! <3

  42. My kids and me! All time favourite! Simply love their popcorns. Macadamia my favorite!

    Love to have themmm for christmas! ❤️❤️❤️

  43. My fave is chicago mix. My hub loves the salty cheese while i love sweet caramel. Thats why I always buy that flavour. Best of both

  44. Simply love Garrett Popcorn! Every time, I’m near a Garrett outlet, the aroma of its popcorn tempts me to get some!! In fact, my whole family finds Garrett popcorn irrisistable!! Every flavour is mouth watering but our all time favourite is the macademia caramel!! The caramel & macademia blend in so well with the popcorn!! The thought of it just makes me salivate & want to get some right now!!

  45. I love Garrett Popcorn especially the Traditional just add butter and sugar very Crunchy my three kids all love once and very fast to finnish, now this Christmas hope can try the
    cocoa caramelcrisp flavour ,cocoa +Popcorn I think can non stop already.heee…
    liked and shared
    FB name:sallywong

  46. Me and my boy all times favourite is Garrett macadamia flavour the most, crispy and tasty.
    it so addictive just can’t stop a one handful while both of us watching TV programme.
    This Christmas double delight to present my loved one with Garrett Pop Corn.

    Fb name Toh lay hoon

  47. Caramel has been me and my kids favourite popcorn..
    No matter what time it is my kids loves having the popcorn from Garret they says its the best popcorn they have ever taste.

  48. My most favourite would be the caramel crisp i don know why but everytime i pop it i cant stop..I makes the movies i watch so relaxing while munching in.

  49. My most favourite flavour will be The Chicago Mix!!! It mix up the flavours so I not need to choose which I want! I get many flavours at one time, hohoohoh!

  50. My Favourite popcorn flavour from Garrett Popcorn is the Macadamia CaramelCrisp … the combination of the caramised sugar and the crunchy macadamia nut that give my tastebuds a super love….

  51. OMG Chocolate X Popcorn!!! Definitely gonna be another fave treat together with the Chicago Mix!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  52. I really love caramel crisp ??? It’s like eating a bag of lays chips and I can’t control the urge to keep reaching out for it non-stop. Totally addictive and super delish!

  53. I love the Chicago Mix the most because it’s both sweet & savoury! Every mouthful of it leaves me wanting for more and it’s finger licking good after enjoying all the popcorn! *Yums*

  54. I love the Garrett Popcorn with the Chicago Mix. A combination of sweet and salty blend of CaramelCrisp and CheeseCorn. Yummilicous. Hope to win.

  55. Macadamia caramelcrisp is my favourite. Macadamia is my favourite nut while caramel is my favourite flavour. The combination of both just gave the best flavour I can have!!

  56. My favourite popcorn flavour from Garrett Popcorn is Chicago mix because it smells really good , I love the crunchiness it brings and it is a combination of two of my favourite things , CaramelCrisp and Cheesecorn ! It feels so shiok and it’s addictive ! Just perfect ! LIKED Daniel’s Food Diary Facebook page and LIKED and SHARED the entry . I love Garrett Popcorn ! Interesting flavours they have ! Thanks very much and have a nice week ahead ! ??? *keeping my fingers crossed and praying hard* Facebook Name : Irfan Ozil

  57. I love cheese and I love Caremel, sweet and salty, crispy and soft..always to hesitate which favourite to buy, fear no more I choose Chicago mix! 😀

  58. My mum always love Popcorn!! Especially Garrett Macadamia CaramelCrisp flavour when i 1st introduced it to her and she fall in love with it!! Hope to win so she can have more popcorn for this xmas!! Haha

  59. Almond Caramel Crisp for me please. We need to have it whenever we pass by any Garrett shop. I love the crunch of the popcorn and the nuts and how the sweet luscious flavour pops in my mouth filling me with joy and excitement in every mouthful. This is what you call euphoria in a can! 🙂

  60. Love the caramel crisp!! My love for popcorn nv dies. Really hope to get this omggg it will be the best christmas present everrr <3 #popcornloves

  61. Oh what is that delicious smell whenever I pass by, I can taste the buttery goodness going down my throat just by the wondrous aroma itself. I love them all, but I have always had a soft spot for the savory goodness of the CheeseCorn!!! Thinking about it now, I just want to stuff my cheeks till I look like a hamster on CHEESECORN!!!

  62. Chicago Mix is my family love, because it’s 2 in 1 flavour, of sweet & salty cheese, that brings this wonderful feeling melts in your mouth, savouring taste that makes us can’t stop eating it! The crispy crunch when you bite it, alongside with the “crunchy sound”, and it’s just make it simply so addictive ! <3
    Liked & Shared 😀

  63. Definitely Chicago Mix, perfect blend of sweet and savory, satisfying the taste buds of everyone at home. One of those things we have a unanimous opinion when getting movie snacks for the family! Yuma!

  64. Omg a new flavour I can’t wait to try it!! I love Garrett popcorn and mixing the cheese and caramel flavour to complement each other, and when I’m feeling richer I’ll get my caramel with macadamia nuts. I’m totally looking forward to the new flavour! (:

  65. My Favorite is CheeseCorn because it is not so sweet or salty but awesomely cheesy! But cocoa flavour stuff are things that i love to eat too, who know Cocoa CaramelCrisp might be my new favorite after i tired it. xD

  66. the strong whiff of the popcorn always draws me in when i walk along citylink mall. I often go for the Caramel crisp flavour because I love it ORIGINAL. Actually I think all flavours with caramel crisp would are uber tasty – like pecan or macadamia caramel crisp too! 🙂 I would love to try what cocoa caramel crisp tastes like though 😀 !!

  67. the strong whiff of the popcorn always draws me in when i walk along citylink mall. I often go for the Caramel crisp flavour because I love it ORIGINAL. Actually I think all flavours with caramel crisp would are uber tasty – like pecan or macadamia caramel crisp too! 🙂 I would love to try what cocoa caramel crisp tastes like though 😀 !!

  68. Cocoa CaramelCrisp! Well I haven’t tried it, but since it’s new, it’s Cocoa Caramel and it’s from Garrett, I’m sure it’ll be fantastic! 🙂

  69. I love CheeseCorn! Yummylicious full of flavor! My kids however love CaramelCrisp ! So we always buy Chicago Mix! Best of both worlds!

  70. My favourite flavour has to be the Chicago mix! The combination of sweet and salty helps to keep my diet balanced, since having balanced diet is so important! Also, this treats just make my mood find teh perfect balance! Or so, I believe! Lol As I have always liked salted caramel I feel that that tinge of salt to the sweet treats really suit my palate! Also, I like the idea of the savoury cheddar cheese with its hint of saltiness when I punch on my caramelized crisp popcorns! That is pure heaven on earth, I say!

  71. Me and my buddy love the caramel crisp so much!! My hubby like the Chicago Mix, cause he like the combination of sweet and salty. I like caramel crisps cause its very classic and it cheer me up <3

  72. My favourite will be the Chicago Mix ! Simply because you’ll never get sick of it with the balance of sweet and saltiness ! ^^ Happy Holidays ! ~

  73. Caramel Crisp has got to be not only my favourite, but also my boyfriend’s favourite! Sweet, rich in flavour, and so satisfying. Ever since I started work with Garrett popcorn nearby, his cravings for Caramel Crisp could not have gotten any stronger than this. Since its the season of giving and sharing, I’d love to have a great amount of popcorn to share with my boyfriend and his family this season! Nothing could be better than the original flavour

  74. Caramel Crisp is my favourite! Growing up, popcorn was never a savoury food. I grew up with sweet popcorn from pasar malams and movie theatres. Caramel Crisp reminds me of childhood with a more “mature” touch, with each popped corn coated generously with the sugary goodness!

    P.S There is a typo under “Best-selling flavour”, “… seeet

  75. Caramel Crisp is my favourite! Growing up, popcorn was never a savoury food. I grew up with sweet popcorn from pasar malams and movie theatres. Caramel Crisp reminds me of childhood with a more “mature” touch, with each popped corn coated generously with the sugary goodness!

    P.S There is a typo under “Best-selling flavour”, “… sweet *and salty” ?

  76. Absolutely L O V E the Chicago Mix. The one and only mix of flavours I will ever go back for because of its crunchy caramel popcorn together with the soft and chewy cheddar cheese popcorn that is hand shaken to perfection. A match made in heaven for sweet and salty lovers!

  77. My favorite would be Chicago mix, the best of both worlds!
    My dad loves the CaramelCrisp and I love the CheeseCorn, so we never have to snatch with each other xD I’m so hungry just thinking about popcorn now~

  78. I love all flavours but Macadamia Caramel Crisp is the best for me. Not overly sweet with extra crunchiness texture from my favourite nut ie. Macadamia….therefore makes a perfect combination with the slightly softer popcorns!! YUMMY!

  79. My favourite would be The Chicago Mix! It’s basically having the best of both worlds for me; while I love the caramel to bits, it can get overwhelming after a while, and this is where the Cheesecorn (I love cheese!) flavour comes in to balance it out! So usually I’d eat both at once, not too salty, not too sweet. Yumm!

  80. My favorite flavor from Garrett is definitely the macadamia caramel crisps! Garrett popcorn meant so much more to me than just a yummy snack. My boyfriend and I have the tradition of getting the macadamia caramel crisps (we love love love macadamia!) everytime when we have our stay-at-home movie date. Since he is currently working overseas now, the smell of the popcorn everytime I pass by Garrett brings back so many happy memories and I will buy one when I miss him too much. Hahaha! He will be back in Singapore soon for Christmas, it will be great if we can have the popcorns for our date and the tins to keep for memories sake!

    Liked both and shared!

  81. My kids and I love Garrett popcorns and Caramel Crisp is our all time love. Cant wait to try the Cocao ones as I am sure my chocoholic family will love them as much (if not more)!

  82. My favourite flavour definitely had to be CheeseCorn! Its unique saltiness and cheesy aroma is nothing like what I used to eat in the cinemas! Oh, and it’s oddly satisfying to have it together with the caramel flavoured ones. Excellent blend of saltiness and sweetness 🙂

  83. My favourite is The Chicago Mix mainly because I prefer salty taste while my hubby has a sweet tooth and our children enjoys both flavours! 🙂

  84. Totally love the Chicago mix! ??? Love the sweet & salty combination! Super crunchy and the aroma is ????????
    DABOMMBBBB!! ?????
    Loved garrett popcorn that I can finished one whole packet in just one day.
    Whenever garrett popcorn launched new seasonal flavours. Will definitely buy it! Have to try it no matter what! Because it’s insanely yummmmmmy! ???????

  85. Totally love the Chicago mix! ??? Love the sweet & salty combination! Super crunchy and the aroma is ????????
    DABOMMBBBB!! ???
    Loved garrett popcorn that I can finished one whole packet in just one day.
    Whenever garrett popcorn launched new seasonal flavours. Will definitely buy it! Have to try it no matter what! Because it’s insanely yummmmmmy! ???????

  86. I love the Macadamia Caramel Crisp as the combination is just so unique and delicious!!! You just can’t stop putting them into your mouth!

  87. My favourite popcorn flavour from Garrett Popcorn is the Chicago mix! It allows me to have a full flavour from the best of both worlds. Loving their Caramel and Cheese. Simply happiness in every bite!

  88. I bought the Cocoa CaramelCrisp from 313@Somerset on Monday evening after a stressful day in the office. I was down and I want to buy some snack to munch and make myself feel better. After I pop one in my mouth, oh-my-gosh it was sooo addictive and I can’t stop eating it! I finish the whole packet in less than 15 minutes, or maybe even lesser!

  89. Chicago mix – perfect blend of flavours with sweet and salty. Never get sick of eating that. Hope to win to share with my friends!

  90. I Love their CaramelCrisp!! Every bite is crispy and coated with awesome sweetness!! I bet this Coca CaramelCrisp will be as awesome if not even more!! Cant wait to get my hands on some!! My family loves it… even my granny! <3

  91. Cocoa caramelcrisp, I love it so much because ot is very crispy and reduce my stress! Moreover it is limited, only available during december:)

  92. My favorite Popcorn Flavour from Garretts Popcorn is their Chicago Mix! Mixing their Cheese Popcorns and Caramel Popcorns, which is totally from two different dimension, one salty and the other sour, gives its diners a very special combination. Furthermore, the CaramelCrisps are crispy, while the CheeseCorn is soft, thus when it is combined together, it gives its diners two totally different combinations combining into one. Perfect Match!

  93. I love cocoa caramel..combination of my favourite dark coco n sweet crunchy caramel crisps..every piece just taste heavenly and it helps to bond me and my families,all hands are on the popcorn snatching saying “my turn,its my turn”..haha

  94. I love Cocoa CaramelCrisp. I love the fragrant of cocoa that distress me… Hope to win this for my friend. Is time for us to relax and recharge. Please pick me……

  95. My fave is chicago mix! The salty cheddar cheese mix with sweet caramel crisp goodness makes a beautiful flavour in your mouth! once you eat you cannot stop :’)

  96. tried all the flavours but overall still in love with chicago mix, because the sweet and salty mixture just feels right plus I don’t need to buy 2 bags to mix it myself.

  97. I love the Macadamia Caramel popcorn. Think they taste the best with big macadamia nuts and the caramel blend in so well with the saltish tasted nuts! Just Love it!

  98. Caramel with nuts from Garrett is my favourite! Caramel is fine too but anything with nuts is the best! Almond, macadamia..????

    Caramel with Almond is my ultimate favourite and cures my sweet tooth craving at any time of the month!

  99. Congrats to Teo Min Ming, Siti Aishah, Cyndi Lee on winning the special Christmas edition Garrett Popcorn from the giveaway.

    Please reply your email by 15 Dec 2015 12pm with:
    Full Name:
    Contact Number:

    And representatives from Garrett Popcorn will inform you how to collect the prizes. Enjoy the treat and thank you for the support. 🙂


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