The Epicurean Star Award organised by the Restaurant Association of Singapore RAS honours some of the best restaurants, cafes, and catering business in the country.

Restaurants are first nominated then judged anonymously by a group of judges, with criteria ranging food quality, presentation, service, setting to experience.

Here are the winners:

Best of the Best Fine Dining – Waku Ghin
Best of the Best Casual Dining – Nara Thai Cuisine
Best of the Best Chain Restaurant – Eighteen Chefs

Best Western Fine Dining – CUT
Best Western Casual Restaurant – Osia
Best Western Chain Restaurant – Eighteen Chefs & Dancing Crab
Best Chinese Fine Dining – Xi Yan Private Dining & Tong Le Private Dining
Best Chinese Casual Dining – Ling Zhi Vegetarian
Best Chinese Chain Restaurant – Tung Lok Signatures

Best Japanese Fine Dining – Waku Ghin
Best Japanese Casual Dining – Shimbashi Soba

Best Asian Fine Dining – Restaurant Labyrinth
Best Asian Casual Dining – Nara Thai Cuisine
Best Asian Chain Restaurant – Wrap and Roll

Best Café – Oriole Coffee and Bar

Best Local Traditional Café – Old Town White Coffee
Best New F&B – Bread Street Kitchen
Best Gastro -Pub – Barossa

Best Buffet – 10 at Claymore
Best Buffet Caterer – Kuisine Catering
Best Ice Cream Parlor – Alfero Artisan Gelato

As with any awards, some may question the inclusion and exclusion of certain names.

Here’s sharing of some personal experiences: There are establishments who score relatively well in taste but may flop in the other aspects, such as service and efficiency.

To be frank, the judging can begin the moment the reservation call is made: Does the service staff have good product knowledge? Is reservation tedious? And some places just happen to have very rude staff. There was a particular restaurant that was extremely tough to book – hard to call through, no reply to email.

There was one incident when a staff asked me to sit at a particular table outdoors. After a long while when I was still not served and questioned (I think I am usually very polite), she went, “Who ask you sit there?!”

“Errr… you?” Oh well, too bad.

A happy staff makes a happy restaurant.

To all the winners and nominees of the RAS Epicurean Star Award 2015, congratulations!

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