Xin Wang Hong Kong Café has been around for 10 years! I remember days where friends would gather at Xin Wang Cineleisure or Marina Square after a late night KTV or movie session, seated at booths to chit chat over Thick Toast and Snow Ice.

This is possibly Singapore’s most successful ‘cha chaan teng’ chain. Do you know where the very first flagship store of Xin Wang is located at? (Answer at the end of this post.)

Some interesting facts: The best selling dish from Xin Wang is the Pork Chop and Egg Papaya Soup Bee Hoon ($11.50), with over $3 million bowls sold thus far!

To celebrate 10 awesome years, Xin Wang Hong Kong Café has introduced 10 new dishes, along with some desserts and desserts and drinks.

Our verdict of the dishes:

Signature Stir Fried Rice ($11.50)
This was easily the most memorable of the XW Anniversary Dishes tried. Firstly, I noticed that the rice grains were shorter, plumper and fluffier than the typical ones. I realized that Japanese rice grains were used, the rationale is that would absorb sauces better.

The dish also reminded me of Malaysian-style zhi char with a sweet-soy taste, every grain coated to a golden brown. Turned out that the Executive Chef did want to emulate the rustic taste and flavours of some of the famous fried rice dishes he tried up north.

Considering I am typically not a ‘rice’ person, I found myself taking spoonful after spoonful. Recommendation is to consume the Fried Rice immediately when served to relish the ‘wok hei’.

Smoked Duck Fried Rice ($9.90)
Similar to the signature Fried Rice, Japanese rice grains are used, cooked with XW’s home-made sauce.

However, the rice appeared lighter in colour, sauce used less intense in robustness to allow the flavour of the smoked duck to be more apparent. (I preferred the former to this.)

Pork Cutlet with Curry Ramen ($10.90)
Xin Wang has always been known for its spicy curry dishes with a sweet slant, with the Chicken Curry with Bread ($10.50) and Curry Beef Brisket Hot Pot with Rice ($11.50) being some of my regular orders.

This dish marries the best of both worlds for Western-food and curry lovers, with a slab of crispy pork cutlet and vegetable on a bed of springy la mian, drenched in the signature thick curry gravy.

XW Signature Stir Fried Noodles ($11.50)
This is the ‘sister’ (or ‘brother’) dish to the Signature Fried Rice, a cross between the familiar Hong Kong noodles and Malaysian style Hokkien Mee in terms of sweetness. Enjoy the deep fried ikan billis sprinkled on top for a hint of crispiness and saltiness.

Sliced Beef Claypot Noodles ($11.90)
This should appeal to diners who prefer more ‘zup’ aka sauce for their noodles.

The Claypot Ee Noodle arrived sizzling hot, cooked with marinated tender sliced beef, mushroom and fresh vegetables.

Scallop Cheese Baked Rice ($11.00)
A new addition to XW’s repertoire of Macau Cheese Baked Rice, which presently incudes Cheese Baked Rice with Ebi ($12.50), Black Pepper Beef ($12.50), Curry Sliced Beef ($12.50) and Chicken Chop ($12.50).

After requests from customers, Chef created this tomato-sauce based cheese baked rice, with two plump scallops positioned within, still affordably priced at $11.

Ham Ying Yong Sauce Spaghetti ($11.90)
Chef was most proud of this dish, as he wanted something that would appeal to the young.

A ‘Ying-Yong’ pasta dish of a different nature, with double-specialty sauces – spaghetti tossed with BOTH home-made tomato and cream sauce, topped with slices of ham. Have the best of both worlds without the need to share. (Okay, I preferred the more tangy tomato sauce.)

Fried Fish Fillet Spaghetti ($9.90)
Spaghetti tossed with special tomato sauce paired with fried fish fillet.

Seafood Curry with Rice ($11.90)
Fresh seafood simmered in Xin Wang’s thick and savoury curry.

Eel Hot Pot Porridge ($12.90)
Back by popular demand, a hot pot porridge dish topped with grilled Japanese unagi.

And more…

Other than the 10 anniversary special dishes, some haven’t seen before inclusion Iced Lemon HK Milk Tea ($1.90) – the signature Hong Kong si mud tea added with lemon, Kiwi N Mango Shaved Ice ($3.90), and Glutinous Rice With Coconut Ice Cream ($4.90).

The Black Glutinous Rice is sometimes better known as Bubur Pulut Hitam, and this cold combination with a scoop of ice cream worked quite well.

Try the 10th Anniversary XW Dishes and let me know which is your favourite.

There are a total of 186 items and 24 categories in XW entire menu. If you would want me to recommend THAT ONE DISH, it would be the Chicken In The Basket ($11.50. I must have ordered almost every single time I go down – crisp on its outer layer and surprisingly tender on the inside, with the plus point of not being overly oily.

And the answer to the location of Xin Wang’s first flagship store… Hougang Heartland Mall!

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe Branches
321 Clementi – 321 Clementi Ave 3 #02-10 Singapore 129905 Tel: +65 6774 0907
Anchorpoint – 370 Alexandra Road Anchorpoint #01-13/14 Singapore 159953 Tel: +65 6474 4498
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard – 8 Grange Road Cathay Cineleisure Orchard #02-11 Singapore 239695 Tel: +65 6235 6480
Changi Airport Terminal 3 – Viewing Mall North Level 4, Terminal 3 #04-02 Singapore Changi Airport Tel: +65 6241 5201
Djitsun Mall – 5 Ang Mo Kio Central 2 #01-10 Djitsun Mall Singapore 569663 Tel: +65 6455 9792
East Point – 3 Simei Street 6 #01-15 Eastpoint Mall Singapore 528833 Tel: +65 6260 0515
Fairprice Hub – 1 Joo Koon Circle #01-21/22 Fairprice Hub Singapore 629117 Tel: +65 6397 4341
Heartland Mall – 205 Heartland Mall Hougang Street 21 #01-133/135 Singapore 530205 Tel: +65 6487 3481
Holland Village 251 Holland Avenue Singapore 278981 Tel: +65 6469 0325
Hougang1 – 1 Hougang Street 91 #01-40, Hougang1 Singapore 538692 Tel: +65 6384 3709
JEM – 50 Jurong Gateway Road #04-25 Singapore 608549 Tel: +65 6684 0613
Marina Square – No. 6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square #01-04 Singapore 039594 Tel: +65 6337 5297
Seletar Mall – 33 Sengkang West Ave #01-28/29/30 The Seletar Mall Singapore 797653 Tel: +65 6702 3206
Springvale @ Siglap – 907 East Coast Road #01-03A Springvale Singapore 459107 Tel : +65 6441 8802
Yew Tee Point – 21 Choa Chu Kang North 6 #01-17 Yew Tee Point Singapore 689578 Tel: +65 6509 0146
West Coast Plaza – 154 West Coast Road #B1-04 West Coast Plaza Singapore 127371 Tel: +65 6779 1526
Whitesands – 1 Pasir Ris Central St 3 Whitesands #02-05/06 Singapore 518457 Tel: +65-6585 0756

[Giveaway Ended] Xin Wang Hong Kong Café
Congrats to Jerome Lim , Pauline Ng, Sabrina Siau who won $20 vouchers from the Xin Wang Anniversary giveaway.

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Xin Wang.


  1. My favourite dish will be the scallop cheese baked rice. Simply coz scallop is one of my favourite seafood and I’m craving for baked rice now. 😀
    Hope to win the vouchers. Thanks in advance Daniel Food Diary & Xin Wang. 🙂

  2. My favourite dish in Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe would be pork chop cheese baked rice. Th portion is quite big to me and the taste of the food is simply awesome. Additionally, there are several outlets at the place which I go most of the time so whenever I crave for it, I can just go to the closest place.

  3. My favourite dish is XW Signature Stir Fried Noodles as I love seafood and fried noodles! A combo of these 2 ingredients is just perfect for me!! Thanks!!!!

  4. Scallop Cheese Baked Rice for the win as its the hybrid of my favourite ingredients! As a frequent patron of theirs, I must say that they prepare baked items really well as they somehow know the right balance of cheese in the dish, how to ensure the adhesiveness between the cheese and the rest of the ingredients and last but not least, delivering freshly and tastily cooked ingredients!

  5. I love Signature Stir Fried Rice and HK milk tea the most. they are soooo yummy. Hope to win n visit Xin Wang Hong Kong Café very soon   Thanks much!

  6. I love Scallop Cheese Baked Rice ! First of all , I’m a Baked Rice lover . With scallops added in , it’s sooooo DELICIOUS ~ ~ ~ Scallops + Cheese Baked Rice = PERFECT COMBINATION !!!

  7. I love Sliced Beef Claypot Noodles!! The beef slices are tender and juicy!! I love the feeling of sizzling hot as I feel extra delicious! Can find some vege and mushrooms to make balance diet.

  8. Woaah! I am looking forward to try all the 10 dishes! My favourite is Scallop Cheese Baked Rice. I love scallops and almost any food with cheese, lots of them. With a tomato-sauce as base, nothing will go wrong with this dish!

  9. Sliced Beef Claypot Noodles because I loved noodles and noodles cooked with claypot stay consistently hot until I finished the whole dish.

  10. Scallop Cheese Baked Rice is my favourite food item from Xin Wang’s 10 Anniversary dishes because they are very generous on the cheese and I’m a cheese lover

  11. My favorite is the Sliced Beef Claypot Noodles. I like dishes served in claypot because they are more flavorful and can stay hot for a longer time. The portion of the marinated tender sliced beef looks generous enough 🙂

  12. My favourite dish would have to be none other than the Scallop Cheese Baked Rice. This is a combination of two of my ultimate loves – cheese and scallop. What generous serving too, how can I ever say no if I’ve this plate of baked rice on my dining table? 😉 It’ll be best if I have it with a cup of iced Yuan Yang! 😀

  13. Hi Daniel’s Food Diary <3

    My favourite food item from Xin Wang’s 10 Anniversary dishes is Pork Cutlet with Curry Ramen because I love curry and spicy dishes and this dishes looks awesomely delicious with the pork cutlet. I really love to try this out…

    Done Liked, Shared & Participated.

    FB: Casy Ang

  14. My favourite dish will be the scallop cheese baked rice!! Who can resist scallop! I love it so much! And i love cheese baked rice too! Hope i win! Liked and shared this post! Liked both facebook post too!

  15. My favourite dish at Xin Wang’s is definitely the Signature Stir Fried Rice , it’s uniqueness way of cooking it, with its great fragrance ! Shorter grain of rice, with it’s brown sweet-just nice taste sauce, makes the whole combination so fantastic that i can’t stop eating it , i love it so much <3

  16. My favorite food item would be the Scallop Cheese Baked Rice! Xin Wang has always been my go-to place whenever I crave for baked rice because they are very very generous with the cheese and it’s really very satisfying when you eat it! Having scallop with baked rice would be a very refreshing combination that I would love to try!

    liked and shared!

    fb: Pauline Ng

  17. My favourite dish is the Pork Cutlet with Curry Ramen because I love curry, and i wanna try all curry dishes in this world! Looking at the picture and product description, I am already drooling!

  18. I love the Scallop Cheese Baked rice and Milk tea! I love seafood and scallop rice is tempting! I also love the Milk tea. Hope I hope win this awesome prize!

  19. My favourite food item has to be Signature Stir Fried Rice because I love the wok hei it brings out the rice fragance, very yummy!

  20. My favorite dish is the Signature Stir Fried Rice. The simpler a dish seems, the harder it is to make it extraordinary. I can’t wait to try the Signature Stir Fried Rice with its heavenly wok hei!

  21. My favourite dish is XW Signature Stir Fried Noodles because I am a noodle person and it’s pretty safe to have this done in Hong Kong style as the quality is not compromised.

  22. My favourite dish is the Smoked Duck Fried Rice because it tastes good and is so different from normal Fried Rice as it use Japanese rice grains.

  23. Scallop Cheese Baked Rice because I love their Baked Rice a lot and always ordered when I dine there … So cheesy yummy and makes me want more …………………… I want to try this soooooon 🙂

  24. My favourite dish in Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe would be pork chop cheese baked rice. Th portion is quite big to me and the taste of the food is simply awesome. I would always order and share this with my husband.

  25. My favourite dish will have to be the scallop cheese baked rice. Cheese is my favourite food and I love to put cheese in anything I eat. Scallop is also my favourite seafood, as I love to soft, juicy texture of it. When combined together, I can’t imagine how well it would complement each other. Perfect!! Hope to win the vouchers to try some of the other dishes from Xin Wang too!!

  26. My favourite dish at Xin Wang’s is definitely the Signature Stir Fried Rice , it’s uniqueness way of cooking it, of using shorter Japanese rice grains which were plumper and fluffier than the typical ones that would absorb the sauces better. The rice was cook to perfection, every grain coated to a golden brown, full of flavour with every bite.

  27. Pork Cutlet with Curry Ramen is my favourite!! Who will not enjoy such tempting mouth drooling dish, crispy pork cutlet and vegetable on a bed of springy la mian, drenched in the signature thick curry gravy. Just by listening the description, I already have cravings for it already and want to head over to Xin Wang for a meal soon.

  28. Time passed so quickly and Xin Wang Hong Kong Café is already into its 10th anniversary. My family and I are supporters of the cafe and love all their food. I like their Macau cheese baked rice, so with the new dishes, I lam looking forward to try the Scallop Cheese Baked Rice. The scallops look big and tasty.

  29. I always order their spaghetti when I visit the cafe. This is the 1st time I saw a pasta dish with 2 different sauces.The Ham Ying Yong Sauce Spaghetti looks very special and I hope to try this dish on my next visit.

  30. My favourite food item from Xin Wang’s 10 Anniversary dishes is Signature Stir Fried Rice. Because fried rice every one also can fry, but fried rice that has wok hei and leave a memorable and distinct taste in your mouth that will keep you wanting to eat spoonful after spoonful is not easy. I believe that Xin Wang has managed to do so! 😀

  31. I’m a cheese baked rice fan and I can’t resist to try the Scallop Cheese Baked Rice. Fresh, sweet, juicy and succulent scallops covered with generous serving of cheese! So yummy!

  32. Scallop Cheese Baked Rice would be my favourite because i love cheese related food ! and scallop on top on cheese is really heaven because seafood cum cheese just simply melts in the mouth ! All in all, i love xin wang food because it really satisfy my cravings for great Chinese food ! A one stop restaurant that sells all sort of great authentic food with great ambience. Defintely great for gatherings if one is one a low budget 🙂 😉 😉 😉 🙂 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 !!

  33. I love the Scallop cheesy baked rice and the milk tea!! The scallops are fresh and the amount of sauce and cheese is OHH SO YUMMMMMY!!! Really hope to win the vouchers so I could visit there again with my Mum and treat her to a delicious meal. ??

  34. Hi Jerome Lim , Pauline Ng, Sabrina Siau

    Congratulations on winning $20 vouchers from the Xin Wang Anniversary giveaway.
    Please reply your email that is sent to you, and representatives from Xin Wang will mail you the vouchers.

    Enjoy the meal and have a Merry Christmas!


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