[Bangkok] Artbox Thailand is a happening, hipster pop-up flea market, where most of the stalls are housed in giant metal shipping containers, considered the first market in Thailand built from recycled containers.

So many people are talking about Artbox in Thailand, that it seems to be the next must-go.

Artbox changes its location periodically. [Updated] It will be at Chatuchak Bangkok 30th September 2016 to 30th April 2017. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12pm – 11pm. The nearest BTS is Kamphaeng Phet (Exit 1).

What is Artbox Bangkok?
There are some 100 hipster food stalls, over 150 clothing and accessory stalls, and 70 stalls offering home decor, DIY and handmade products.

Each container houses between four and six shops, selling mainly food, clothes and locally designed products such as accessories and home décor items.

The target market seems to be the young, as a majority of people walking around are Thais seemingly below 30 and foreigners, a portion always camera-ready for a selfie with the décor or strange looking food items.

Where is Artbox Bangkok location?
The pop-market shifts its location periodically.

The current location from 30th September 2016 – 30th April 2016 (12pm – 11pm) is near the familiar JJ Market. (Check Artbox’s Facebook for updates.)

When is Artbox Bangkok happening
Selected weekends, Friday to Sunday, from 12pm and winding down around midnight.

Here are some of the 32 food & drink items you can try at Artbox! (Note: There are about up to a 100 stalls, and these are only some, and will change from time to time.

Jaywalk’s Nutella Banana Sundae. 95 Baht.

Ko-ke-kok-ko Korean Fried Chicken with shoyu garlic, atomic hot and sweet orange flavours. Freshly made to order. 6 pieces for 115 baht.

Chicken Hour Taiwanese style Fried Chicken and XL size Fried Squid with seafood sauce, 3-flavour sauce, Tom Yum and Spicy. 99 Baht for one XL squid.

Atleast’s Passion Me – Blue Curacao with Passion Fruit and Minion Marshmallow.

Orange Juice by Bunny Sasikan

Deep Fried Chicken Drumstick at Rob Seafood

Cheese Boxes.

Choux Bomb with flavours of strawberry, kiwi, banana, almond. 69 Baht.

Cheese Zaa Potato Balls with oozing cheese fillings.

Grill Now (by Chicken Hour) Korean style Black Pepper grilled chicken . 30 Baht one stick.

Water Ball Soda by Fruit Ball. 49 Baht.

Korean Topokki

Bucket Soda.

Hot Wings by Texas BBQ. 95 Baht.

Sweet Pete Almond Balls. 60 Baht.

Cheese Please BKK Cheese BBQ sandwiches. 180 Baht.

Cheese Sausages and Chorizo. 1 piece 50 – 65 Baht.

Me Fong by Flairmix Foam Drinks. 90 Baht.

Cotton Candy with Milk Shake. 60 Baht.

‘Pinky Piggu’ Cotton Candy. 79 Baht.

Fried Squid Eggs with Thai Spicy Sauce. 60 or 100 Baht.

Concept water release kiwi.

Spicy Crab. 150 Baht.

Grilled Pork with spicy sour sauce. 89 Baht each.

Spaghetti Special – clams with bacon by Mr Fondue. 120 Baht.

Chu Chu Churros by Samglur’s, dipped with butter scotch. 80 Baht.

Chin-Jung meat balls. 59 Baht.

Mooma roast meats.

iFry’s Supreme Nacho Fries, Bacon Cheesey Fries and Poutine Friends with homemade gravy. 100 Baht.

Bloody Drink – Devil Blood Fruit Punch or Angel Blood Blue Hawaii by Calendar Bistro.

Pang Yen Jumbo.

Red Mustache Pasteurized Grass Jelly.

There is this section where many food trucks are parked, and you can have anything from Lobster Burger, Korean BBQ, Gourmet-style Burgers and Hot Dogs.

This feels almost like a picnic session, with wooden benches to sit around, perfect in the cooling evening if there are live band performances.

Well, food wise, I thought there are is an emphasis on selling instagrammable food to appeal to the young – quite a handful of multi-coloured drinks (especially the Hawaiian blue ones), desserts with cotton candy and dry ice, and Korean street food.

I did imagine the space to be much larger and wider, but some could finish going around in an hour if you were just glancing by buying from a stall or two. My friend told me, “slightly over-rated”. Still, I would go for this as it offers items not quite available at other markets.

Artbox Thailand
Location: Chatuchak Bangkok. BTS Kamphaeng Phet (Exit 1).
Opening Hours: 30th Sep 2016 to 30th Apr 2017, Fri – Sun 12pm till 11pm

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  1. Hi Daniel
    I am planning to visit Bangkok in early dec and chanced upon your blog while googling. the address that you mentioned here is at Queen Sirikit National MRT. Interestingly blogger Aroimakmak also blogged about Artbox but her location mentioned is at Phrom Phong. Is there another Artbox at Phrom Phong ? appreciate your reply 🙂

    • Hi Chaye, as mentioned in the post, Artbox has a rotating location, it changes from time to time. When you are there in December, it will be at Phrom Phong (quite convenient location). Enjoy!

    • Christy, this will not open in Jan. I stay just came back from it and learnt that there will be another outdoor fair with beer garden along the river along Rama 3 road in Jan so you may want to google that instead in you are coming in Jan.

  2. HiDaneil,
    This place so hip! Thanks for your recommendation.
    In FB only can see last Dec schedule, they hasn’t updated any further yet.
    I will be in bkk from 5-7/2 and 12-14/2 do you think there will open for the date?

  3. Hi Daniel,

    May i know what time did you visit this place. one blogger says he went at 5pm but the stalls are not fully open yet. Thanks.

    • Hi Daniel, I went about 4pm actually. It’s true not all stalls may be opened at 5pm, but by 6pm, most stalls should be operationally ready.


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