[Hong Kong] The Gudetama craze continues with a Gudetama Japanese cafe. ぐでたま!

After butt-oozing and vomiting Gudetama dim sum, the famous Japanese lazy egg mascot finds its way to transform into Japanese udon and curry rice.

Izumi Curry, which has 7 outlets island-wide in Hong Kong, has converted one of their outlets at apm Millennium City into a Gudetama Café.

Think Gudetama table-top, chairs in the shape of egg shells, Gudetama cushions, mugs and food. (For those who are unaware, Gudetama made his debut in 2013 following a contest run by Sanrio to introduce new characters based on Japanese food, in which the character came 2nd.)

真系好cute啊~~~~ The bunch of us were in line with a group of kids. (Don’t they have school?) They were obviously more high than the parents, who seemed unwillingly being dragged there early in the morning.

We were thankful to get a table after half an hour in the queue, which was about 4 times longer after we finished our meals.

Yellowish cute, comfy chairs, soft and fluffy bolsters, the kids would want to stay here forever. We felt like 10 again, not until we saw the long snaking queue outside, with curious eyes peeping in. Stressed.

The frowning unmotivated face of Gudetama was present in almost every dish in the form of egg, be it hard boiled, half-boiled or scrambled.

In which the signature droopy eyes and opened mouth were made of rice paper and therefore edible. Ouch!

Dishes recommended to us include the Hamburger Steak And Cheese Curry Rice (HK$129, SGD$24.30), Pork Fillet With Omelette Curry Rice (HK$119, SGD$22.50) and Chashiu Curry Noodles (HK$79, SGD$14.90).

Our favourite was the Hamburger Steak And Cheese Curry Rice (HK$129, SGD$24.30) with an irritated-looking (烦) Gudetama lying on top of the minced beef.

The level of spiciness for the curry was ‘kids-level’, meaning not spicy at all for us. At least the warm omelette, cheese, curry with the tender minced beef were a decent comforting mix.

The Special Omelette Rice With Bacon And Sausage (HK$99, SGD$18.70) was the cutest-looking on the menu.

Good to look, no good to eat. Photogenically wrapped in a pink, soft and non-crispy bacon, accompanied by dry not-too-tasty rice.

The Chashiu Curry Noodles (HK$79, SGD$14.90) came in the form of a bowl of udon with Gudetama in the form of hard boiled eggs instead of the running yolk ramen eggs.

The curry broth reminded us of mee rebus with lesser spices and less gravy- like.The udon noodles was springy and chashiu pork slices served were meatier and of a thicker cut.

A Gudetama merhandise store was located right next to the café, selling the yellow figurines with bacon and sausage. It’s all about the money, money, money…

If waiting in line for an hour is too much to bear, then you can at least get a souvenir and leave.

Gudetama Café by Izumi Curry
YATA, LG/F, apm Millennium City 5, 418 Kwun Tong Road (Kwun Tong MTR Exit A2)
Opening Hours: 11am – 10.30pm (Mon-Sun)
Google Maps

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