Jinjja? 진짜! Singapore has seen another Korean Fried Chicken shop, this time conspicuously located at Bugis Village, a fast food concept offering restaurant-quality Korean food.

Think Jjajangmyeon (black soybean paste noodles), Seafood Jjamppong (rich spicy soup noodle), Mandu (dumplings) and Korean Bingsu (shaved ice dessert).

Everything, all in one shop. And Jinjja has been certified Halal!

Jinjja (which is a colloquial way of saying “really?” in Korean) is found at the front part of Bugis Village (right opposite Bugis Junction, near the bus stop) where youths love to hang out and get fashionable buys.

The interior colourful in red and yellow, is loud and vibrant. K-pop fans will enjoy their stay here with Korean MVs playing throughout.

With the operational and cooking techniques sourced from a famous (but shall remain unnamed) fried chicken shop in Korea, some of the flavours such as the seasoning of the food are adapted to suit the local palates.

We learnt that the Korean recipe owner gave them a TEST.

The local chefs flew over to Korea, prepared the Jinjja chicken and surveyed Koreans on the streets for a taste test.

And of course, they had their vote of confidence when the local Koreans went “mashisoyo!”

The signature food is the Jinjja Chicken that would come in the form of wings or drumlets, in portions of half ($11.90) or whole ($22.90).

Other recommended dishes include Seafood Jjamppong ($9.50), Tteokbokki Fries – Korean rice cake meets french fries (from $3.50), Mandu (4 pcs for $3.50/ 9 pcs for $7.50) and Shaved Milk Bingsu ($5.90).

These are items typically found in a Korean restaurant, and is considered a novel move in Singapore to introduce the dishes in a more casual concept.

2 flavours were available: Soy Garlic and Yangnyeom (mildly spicy) sauces coating the chicken with optional tteokbokki cream or cheese sauce at additional $1.

Set meals were available with soft drinks and fries at additional $2, and bingsu at an additional $4.90 (U.P. $5.90).

Crispy on the outside with tender flesh on the inside, we loved the flavourful and well- sauced Soy Garlic Chicken.

The wings were evenly coated with a layer of savoury sauce with a touch of sweetness, yet did not ‘steal’ away the crisp of the outer skin. Also, you would realise that the chicken parts were moist yet not fatty.

Add a dollar for melting cheese drenching over the finger-licking tasty chicken, which would probably attract diners who have more calories to spare. (Warning: may get messy.)

To retain the succulence and quality of the chicken, we learnt that the chickens used were sourced from the best suppliers, obtained when the chickens were about a month’s old for optimal fat content.

Something different from the usual Korean fried chicken shops were the Jjajangmyeon ($7.50) and Seafood Jjamppong ($9.50) that were usually only available in Chinese-Korean restaurants.

For those who wanted to try both, the Jjajangpong ($10.50), which was made up of 2 words – JJAJANGmyeon and jjampPONG, would be available as an off-menu item.

The Seafood Jjamppong was topped fresh cuttlefish (specially sourced) and squid with springy and bouncy homemade noodles in spicy soup. Chuwahaeyo!

We loved Patbingsu ($5.90) with sweet red bean and sticky rice cake on top of finely, shaved milk in a small takeaway cup. Jinjja affordable and convenient.

No additional milk was needed as the shaved milk was sweet enough on its own.

Also, there will always be seasonal flavours of the bingsu coming up, so ask check if there is anything new.

Jinjja Chicken offers a one-stop location with a wide variety of Korean dishes at a fast and affordable price. Jinjja Mai Tu Liao!

Jinjja Chicken
249 Victoria Street (Bugis Village), Singapore 188032 (Bugis MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 9:30pm (Sun – Thu), 11am – 10pm (Fri – Sat)

Other outlets at Northpoint City, Jewel Changi Airport, Clementi Mall, Changi Airport T2

* Written by @stormscape Nicholas Tan and Daniel Ang @DanielFoodDiary. This post is brought to you in partnership with Jinjja Chicken Singapore.


  1. Tried 2x. First was a takeaway which I thought that was why the chicken wings were rather cold. But they were still served cold when I dined in there. Not sure if I’m going to be 3rd time lucky. Disappointing.

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