[Updated] Waffles specialty shop Kaffles opens for only twice a week on Mondays and Tuesday, 9 hours each time (from 1pm to 10pm) at Laneway Market, 266 Tanjong Katong Road.

The team is not trying to do a secretive Whale-and-Cloud, but exploring the option of co-sharing spaces in rental-high Singapore.

The name Kaffles comes from a combination of the owners’ names Kenny and Kimberley with waffles. Both have some F&B experience – Kimberly the owner of now-closed Mean Bean & Wicked Grind, and Kenny the owner-operator of a small catering business.

Kaffles has four specialty waffles on its menu – Thai Milk Tea ($12.90), Nutella Kinder Bueno ($11.90), Speculoos Cookie Crunch ($11.90), Koko Kaffles ($11.90). You can also choose to match and mix.

The dessert contains two waffles at the bottom (looking similar to Creamier), topped with an inverted ice cream cone, then drizzled with sauce. People should find this reasonably photogenic or instagrammable (soon going to be a bad word).

I liked the Speculoos Cookie Crunch ($11.90), the buttermilk waffle was soft and still cakey, though I thought the outer layer could be crispier. The cookie crunch and chocolate-dipped cone added a variant of bite.

While The Thai Milk Tea Kaffles ($12.90) looked like it was the most popular flavor, I thought the Thai-tea element could have been more pronounced, and the use of vanilla bean ice cream didn’t gel that well overall.

It was sweet-base and sweet-top. Could have been more playful with the choice of ingredients, because a waffles shop is almost a dime in a dozen in Singapore.

The benefit of co-sharing spaces is that you can test-run your processes and products, without the additional burden of managing operations, manpower and logistics.

Hopefully a Win-Win for both.

(within The Laneway Market) 266 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437053
Opening Hours: 1pm – 10pm (Mon – Tues)

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