YOLO. You only live once. This is also the name of the salad shop at Icon Village Tanjong Pagar where you can #eatyourgoals.

Whether you are a gym junkie, office worker looking to lose some weight, or a closet carnivore who is attempting to have your greens, there seems to be something for everyone at YOLO.

I liked its informative and colourfully-designed menu, filled with buzz words from “gluten free”, “low-GI”, “xx gram protein”, “healthy fats”, “high fibre”, “dairy free”, “balanced” and calorie count … you kind of know what you are in for.

Items are clearly divided into Build (for salads with high protein content), Glow (helping skin look younger – serious?), Perform, Shape Up (to try to get that beach bod) and Sooth (for gluten, diary, wheat intolerant).

I had the Thai Fish Cake with Green Salad ($10.90), supposedly below 500 calories as I am watching my weight (haha).

Actually, I wasn’t expecting much because I cannot imagine an ‘ang-moh’ salad place doing Thai fish cakes well, but I was quite wrong and pleasantly surprised. This is one of the versions where the cakes are plump-juicy, appetizing, yet tasting healthy (not so much salt).

As a feedback, I would wish for a larger proportion of greens for a more filling meal. Other comments I hear were salads were too dry.

What you may like to know: The owner of YOLO is Frenchman Alexis Lothar Bauduin, who was last seen in Apprentice Asia.

He found himself to be a “victim of processed and artificial produce” – falling ill while living in China years back, and decided to change his diet and lifestyle habits. Coming back to Singapore, he wanted to create that healthy yet fun eatery, thus the birth of YOLO.

I got him to say a few words (in those smothering eyes), which I suspect some may find quite delicious. #justsaying

Icon Village 12 Gopeng Street Singapore 078877 (Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Opening Hours: 8am – 9:30pm (Mon-Sat), 11am – 3pm (Sun)

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