This is a post to celebrate International Coffee Day, and to provide a special mention to the female baristas in Singapore.

It started from friends’ request to feature some good-looking baristas in Singapore. I started to ask for nominees on instagram, and recommendations and mails came flying in. (We had quite many, sorry if we left anyone out!)

With a booming cafe-culture in Singapore, part of the purpose of this post is to understand a little more behind these faces, their experiences and goals.

While there is focus on looks initially, I do hope that this post will give acknowledgement of the hard work, skills and talents of these baristas. To add on,’good looks’ is indeed very subjective. Many of them are beautiful in their own ways – the quiet confidence, the skills they exhibit, their talents (many at a young age) and drive to perform well.

And do remember, while we are having our cuppa, it will be great to say a big THANK YOU to the people who made you that cup. Happy International Coffee Day!

10 Good Looking Female Baristas In Singapore – Hey Gorgeous!

Daphne, Assembly Coffee
When I asked around for nominees for this “good-looking barista” entry, her name was recommended the most often.

Indeed, when I was at Assembly Coffee for the first time, those eyes of focus and precise skills in making the coffee was to me, magnetic. Sharp, precise, with elegance.

Daphne mentioned that her passion for coffee was inspired by two men – Ryan Tan from Strangers’ Reunion and Andrew Lek from Department of Caffeine.

Being the co-owner of Assembly Coffee, she takes on a very hands-on approach, and her cup of cuppa has received many compliments from customers.

Moyoung Molly, Banana Tree (Keong Siak)

Korean Moyoung Molly is the sweet face behind Banana Tree at Keong Siak, also the person who persuaded the original Korean owner to bring the brand over to Singapore.

Prior to starting her own business, she was working for Apple. But she gave that up to achieve her dream to “wow” customers.

Molly added that nothing would beat watching customers smile with pleasure, and see them happy with the coffee and drinks she serves.

She is happily married and settling well in Singapore.

Sarah, FIX Café (Balestier)
After an overseas English teaching stint, Sarah was so inspired by the cafe and coffee culture, that she went on to pursue skills as a barista.

She is thankful for her company (FIX Café) who sent her for SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) Barista Foundation Course which further equipped her with the theories, and also deepened her appreciation and passion for coffee.

With an almond-shaped face and sharp chin, she commented that she did get praises from random customers.

But the highest compliment came from her boss Amanda, “Sarah is beautiful inside and out. She is our youth counsellor who takes care of the youth at risk we hire.”

Mandy, Artisan C. Specialty Coffee (Suntec City)
After getting inspired in Melbourne, Mandy took a risk to chase her dream. She quit all her jobs, become a full time barista, and is working towards making a good cup of Joe.

“Because I know this is what I really want to do in life, it is a decision that I will not regret.”

To her, a good cup of coffee is more than just a cup of drink, but the result and hard work from farmers to baristas. It is what the speciality coffee industry promises to deliver, from them to customers.

Peggy, Montana Brew Bar (POMO)
While Taiwanese Peggy is in Singapore to study English, she got to learn more about coffee making and latte art by chance. Despite being relatively new to the craft, she makes a mean beautiful cup according to her colleagues.

She is described to be “a very simple girl” by colleagues, spending her time between studying and working at Montana. Prior to that, she wanted to pick skills up through watching many many videos, and would like to express gratitude to her uncle who taught her how to filter coffee, Mandy (from Artisan C) who was willing to teach her about latte art.

A good cup of coffee in her opinion is one which can provide her with positive emotions and thoughts. (Sounds like a Taiwanese movie I watched featuring Vivian Chow.)

Regina, Strangers’ Reunion (Kampong Bahru)
Regina was intrigued by how coffees of various origins tasted distinctly different; and wanted to learn more about coffee.

That desire and passion to learn never stopped, and brought her to being as a barista in speciality coffee for more than 5 years.

“Customers told me I look good when I am concentrating on making coffee…”

She added, “A good cup of coffee is one that is properly extracted, balanced and able to showcase the best characteristics from its origin and processing.”

Venetia, Curious Palette (Prinsep Street)
Venetia was pretty much fascinated by the fundamental process of making coffee, which triggered her interest to learn more about coffee in a practical way other than from books.

When asked if customers have ever commented about her look, “Not really but many were envious of my height which they claim to be attractive.” I stood beside her, and she is the same height as me at 1.75m tall.

To her, a good cup of coffee is like a warm blanket to the soul.

Abbie, Slayer Coffee
Formerly from the banking industry, Abbie decided to pursue her passion for coffee and started Slayer Coffee, a mobile specialty coffee cart to bring their house blend to anyone at their own convenience.

Customers have told her she is pretty in the middle of her coffee-making, but she said she didn’t really know how to react back, and would just laugh and continue with her work. (Just for you to know, she is attached, and her boyfriend is her partner at Slayer Coffee.)

“A good cup of coffee is not just a flavourful and balanced one. It has to be crafted with great passion and love from the barista, completing it with a latte art.”

Andrea, A.R.C Coffee
The young Andrea admitted she actually didn’t plan to be a barista and instead “stumbled into the coffee industry”.

As the marketing executive for a café, she was given an opportunity by her boss, prepared for the Singapore National Brewers Cup, competed and ended up winning it. Sounds like a script from the television drama.

She considers herself new to the industry, and is loving the process of learning and improving every single day. (She is nominated by her ex-teacher.)


Yan Jing, Curious Palette (Prinsep Street)
With a dimpled face and broad smile, Yan Jing has a sunshine personality. She was very much influenced by the coffee culture in Melbourne, and became very interested in the process of coffee-making.

“Seeing my colleagues make each cup of coffee with so much care and passion continues to inspire me. Like them, I want to be able to serve customers coffee of high quality and to share with them what goes behind every cuppa.”

She claimed that one male customer ever approached her, and told her she looked like a piece of cloud. (Not the best description to pick females up, I think.)

Thank you to the cafe owners and their friends who helped coordinate the interviews. If you are wondering about the male baristas, do not worry, the listing is coming out really soon. We still welcome recommendations, and feel free to nominate by commenting below.

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  1. I NOMINATE JARED CHAN from THE COFFEE DAILY @ Serangoon Gardens. The only Chinese guy I know who can pull off having a beard.

  2. You missed out on Hyona Nugroho. She previously worked at Oriole Cafe + Bar! Very spunky and outgoing, not to mention so. damn. pretty! *eyecandy*


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