Fu Lin Yong Tau Foo gets a revamp and goes ‘hipster’, selling Asian Fusion Tapas after 3pm along with house wines, sake and beer.

Located at Telok Ayer Street near Amoy Food Centre, Fu Lin appears like any other generic bar with an industrial concrete look matched with high tables and seats. Why all look the same ah? (They probably got their cue from the modern Wanton Seng’s Noodle Bar a minute or two walk away.)

BUT, uncles and aunties were still around serving customers food. (Night time is a different team.)

Fu Lin Bar Daytime
It was disconcerting to see metal trays of Yong Tau Foo placed in front rows of alcohol, just not too used to this.

The price of the food did not get overly ‘hipster’ yet – A 6 piece set with Signature Noodles cost $6.00+. The ‘+’ is for the GST, or for more expensive items such as Prawn Roll and Cheese Sausage which they could equate in price as 3 items instead of 1.

I think I gave that look when my set turned out to be $7 plus. Uncle was quick to comfort, “Government’s GST…”

For those intending to eat Yong Tau Foo to save some calories, I would advise you to look another way. Their items are DEEP FRIED. You can request for them to be boiled instead.

With that said, Fu Lin’s style is a class of their own – a dry version where the items are covered in gooey brown minced chicken gravy made from a secret recipe. The ‘signature noodles’ turned out to be thick bee hoon in a starchy sauce similar to beef noodles.

I found the sauce both appetising and salty.

No wonder the wide selection of deep fried items such as you tiao and deep fried bean curd skin which would absorb the ‘zup’ (sauce) like a sponge. There were moments it felt like eating Ipoh Horfun without the Horfun. I wished there was some accompanying soup.

Fu Lin Bar Night Time
The Yong Tau Foo disappears after 3pm, and that section will be transformed into a place for happy hours serving Asian inspired tapas and small plates.

Some of the recommended dishes include Hanging Tender Beef ($13) – wrapped with bacon and covered with chestnut puree, Iberico Steak ($23), Camembert Toast ($8), Crispy Pork Belly ($10), and Prawn Pasta ($21).

At the end of the section of the menu was a Bacon Bak Gua ($12) which I felt intrigued to try. I mean, how would this be different from the typical brands, other than being sprinkled with tobiko?

Okay, this did taste like a GOOD brand of bak kwa, evenly grilled and added with some smoked cream to complement the drier pieces of sweet-savoury ‘bacon’. I wished for more substantial portion for it to be a more pleasurable bar-bite.

Both the desserts were stronger relatively in my opinion.

The Key Lime Pie with Chocolate Soil ($7) was straight-forward decent – light- tangy, soft creamy filling with a firm buttery crust.

How adventurous. A Sesame Puff Ball ($7) which we occasionally see in a dim sum restaurant, filled with chocolate mousse. The contrast would have worked perfectly if Chef could find a way to execute a hot crispy crust with a much colder interior.

Fu Lin Bar
127 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068596 (Tanjong Pagar, Telok Ayer MRT)
Opening Hours: 10am – 3pm (Mon – Sat), Tapas Bar Opens After 3pm, Closed Sun
Reserve Online Now – Fu Lin Bar



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