Oppa~~ Chicken jusaeyo. The 10 Korean Fried Chicken wave continues to hit our shore with Oppa Chicken at South Bridge Road.

“Oppa” is a respectful term for calling older brothers or older male friends. By the way, there is another Oppa Chicken in Hong Kong with the exact same name, but the two shops are not related at all.

The interior reminded us of clubbing days with bright neon light, dark ambient lighting, pop Korean music.

The service crew is an ALL female team, all in white tops and black skirts. Fortunately, the shop is not called Ajumma Chicken or something – would be so wrong.

The Head Chef happens to be a female too (yeppeoyo). Debz Wu is trained in Korea where the kitchen was dominated by males, and thought that “Oppa” would be a better and more common brand to use than “Unnie” (referring to ‘older sister’).

The chicken comes in 3 sizing portions: Small (3 pieces, $12,90), Medium (5 pieces, $20.90), Large (9 pieces, $36.90). Cost reflects the original chicken flavour, and flavoured ones are $1-$2 more.

1 free sauce is available from a selection of five: Honey Garlic, Yangnuym, Soy Garlic, Flaming Yangnyum, Tangy Onion or Topokki Sauce level 2. Additional sauces can be purchased at an extra $1.20.

Between the original with dips and flavoured chicken, we preferred the later.

Our favourite was the Honey Garlic Flavoured Chicken with finely chopped garlic drizzled with honey sauce over the fried chicken. Sweet, intense, flavourful and not over garlicky, though it did strangely remind us of garlic bread.

We were initially warned that the Flaming Yangnyum would be spicy, but it was manageable. The chickens were marinated and drizzled with Gochujang (Korean chill pepper paste) with a tinge of bitterness.

The Tangy Onion Fried Chicken was the weakest in terms of flavour, with not much gravy enveloping. Meat was also unfortunately dry.

Our group of guys had a shock at the end of the meal. Cute gwiyeopda handling out these square flimsy foil pouches labeled “Extra Safe” at the end of the meal.

Like… WHAT IS THAT? How do we use it? Never seen before.

Turned out to be wet tissues.

Their idea of humour. Ha. Ha.

Oppa Chicken Singapore
274 South Bridge Road (5 min walk from Chinatown MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 4pm, 5pm – 10pm (Mon-Sat), Closed Sun

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* Written by dongsaeng Nicholas Tan. Find him on instagram at @stormscape. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for meals provided unless otherwise stated.



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