You may wonder why Thai Boat Noodles are usually served in such tiny bowls. They are originally served in small portions in Thailand as vendors would sell them between boats. The reduced serving sizes would help prevent spillage if the water turned choppy.

Boat Noodles is also called Kuay Teow Reua ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือ. If you are a Teochew, ‘Kuay teow’ which mean ‘rice noodles’ should be very familiar to you. ‘Reua’ means ‘boat’.

At Bangkok’s Victory Monument which has a few Boat Noodle stalls,you can get yours for about 40-50 cents (Sing dollars). Well, in Singapore, we have our very own $1, $1.90 and $2. Same same or different?

Here are 7 Thai Boat Noodles in Singapore you can savour this strong-flavoured Thai style noodle dish. Do note that the traditional styles contain pigs’ blood to season the soup, while Singapore’s versions do not include due to a ban of the ingredient.

Noodle Café – Thai Boat Noodle
5001 Beach Road Golden Mile Complex #B1-08 Singapore 199588
Opening Hours: 12pm – 9pm< Branch: 1 Rochor Canal #01-05 Sim Lim Square, Singapore 188504 (near taxi-stand)

Yes: $1.90 and $5 versions. Loved the imported kuay tiao, smoothly thin yet broad, swimming in a simmering dark broth rumbling with pork lard oil. Spicy is an understatement, but the sauce deep in colours and rich in flavours was pleasing.

No: Dark cramped space. Hard to find – at the basement next to “Diva Disco”. (Read: Noodle Cafe)

Thai Boat Noodle
5001 Beach Road Golden Mile Complex #02-01 Singapore 199588

Yes: New stall at Level 2 of Golden Mile Complex. Intense spicy soup ($5) that trickles down to give that heart-warming feeling. Self-service extra condiments. Acceptable pricing.

No: Soup can be slightly richer. Self-collection system, not helpful if you happen to sit far away from the stall.

45 Sam Leong Road Singapore 207935 (near Kitchener Road, 5-10 min walk from Farrer Park MRT, City Square Mall, Mustafa Centre)
Tel +65 6291 3001
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily

Yes: $2 and $5 versions. 4 different soup bases of beef, chicken pork and vegetarian mushroom, matched with choice of bee hoon, egg noodle, thick or thin kway teow. Pork soup base robust, packed with flavours, oily (yes) with a trace of herbal nuance.

No: 2 of the soups didn’t leave much of an impression. Kway teow slightly soggy. (Read: Loylum)

Nara Thai Cuisine
#B3-21 ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801 (Orchard MRT)
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10pm Daily

Yes: A varied version, Kuay Tiew Rua Nua Ayuthaya Boat Noodles served with beef or pork in dry or soups versions. Has herb aroma.

No: At $14.90, this is the one of the most expensive bowl in Singapore. (Read: Nara Thai Cuisine)

Yes: Mid-range pricing for kway teow reua at $6.90, includes generous ingredients of beef slices and balls.

No: Less intense tasting, lacks of that extra ‘kick’.

Porn’s Thai Food Noodee
Kitchener Complex, 809 French Road #01-43/44/45 Singapore 200809 (Lavender MRT)
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily, Last Orders 9:30pm

Yes: Easy to take away at $6.50. Soup stock proved to be flavourful enough, complemented by four bouncy beef balls.

No: No beef slices added, and feels an important component is lacking. Celebrity owner Pornsak said he had yet found the right supplier for good and affordable beef, and would rather provide more balls. (Read: Porn’s Thai Boat Noodee)

Thai Boat Noodle
799 New Upper Changi Road, Bedok Point #02-32/34 Singapore 467351 (Bedok MRT)
Tel: +65 64459932
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10pm Daily, Last Order 9:15pm

Yes: At $1, this is the possibly cheapest boat noodle you can find in Singapore. Includes a Tom Yum version at $1.50.

No: A gulp or two down, and it will be gone. These small bowls lack the heat and the robustness, which to me are essential elements. (Read: Thai Boat Noodle)

Let me know if you come across any delicious boat noodles in Singapore or Bangkok (which I will go soon).

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  1. Thank you for the review, the best one I would say is Thai boat noodles golden mile second floor…taste identical to what I had in Thailand ..I found on myself which is equally nice and cheaper at $3 at hawker stall in Hougang..good and’s inside ci yuan c is Thai foon noodles..

    • Yes Thai Boat Noodles on Golden Mile 2nd floor is super authentic. Well it would be – the guys cooking are all Thai and so are most of the customers. My wife is Thai and this is her favourite place to eat in all of Golden Mile – which I appreciate as it’s not too expensive either!


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