[Tokyo, Japan] No. I did not walk past Harajuku half a dozen times and missed out this ramen shop. How can?

Kyushu Jangara Ramen is a Hakata ramen chain restaurant, offering bowls of long thin noodles in cloudy rich Tonkotsu pork bone broth – the type I like. Pretty similar to the styles of Ichiran Ramen 一蘭 and Ippudo 博多一風堂.

The shop at Harajuku is a short 5 minute walk from Harujuku station, en route to the famous Meiji Shrine.

Perhaps there was initial bias that a modern ramen shop in a colourful district frequented by scores of youths, with staff outside the building encouraging people to go in, won’t be too spectacular in terms of taste.

So obviously I was wrong.

The ramen shop was crowded with many girly customers possibly half my age, but with ample seats the wait wasn’t too long. About 15-20 minutes or so.

Varieties of ramen include the signature Kyushu Janagara with soup bases made from a mixture of pork, chicken and vegetable stock, Bonshan of pure creamy Tonkotsu pork bone stock, Kobonshan with garlic added, and Karabon which was indicated “Very Hot!!”.

10 different spices are added to the Karabon.

I ordered the popular Kyushu Jangara A (1080 Yen, SGD$12.60, USD$9) which includes chunks of marinated pork, seasoned cod roe and flavoured boiled egg.

The bowl was a beauty to behold.

The mentaiko added was a life-changer, give the cloudy broth a subtle kick of spiciness, with much depth of flavours.

Oh, and the thick chunk of marinated pork was OMG-melt-in-your-mouth, and I am sure I gave an expression of surprise worthy to be in “Japan Hour”.

Kyushu Jangara Ramen is known to have served former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, and was also featured on Japan Airline’s inflight menu.

Now, the question: Is this my favourite ramen yet?

Not quite. Not the best yet, because after all, this is Japan where exceptional ramen are a dime in a dozen. If you like creamy soup bases with that modern twist, Kyushu Jangara Ramen can still bring you to ramen heaven.

Kyushu Jangara 九州じゃんがら
Jingumae 1-13-21, 1F & 2F, Shibuya 150-0001, Tokyo Prefecture (Harajuku Station, Meiji Jingu-mae Station Exit 3)
Tel: 03 3404 5572
Opening Hours: 10:45am – 12am (Mon-Thu), 10:45am – 12am (Fri), Sat 10am – 12am (Sat), 10am-12am (Sun, Holiday)
Google Maps – Kyshu Jangara

Other branches: Akihabara, Nihombashi, Ginza, Akasaka, Omotesando, Bar De Janguara, Seibu Ikebukuro

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* Daniel’s Food Diary is still on a search for the best ramen in Tokyo. He had 8 different bowls the one week he was there. Tough to be his travel mate.


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