Loylum must have been my 8th Thai boat noodle eatery I have visited in Singapore since March this year. I am keeping track. Am going for 10.

The Thai boat noodles aka kuai tiao ruea has been gaining traction in Singapore, with eateries promoting $1, $1.90 to $2 bowls, plus eating competitions. (So many chut pattern.) What’s not to love? Great satisfaction in a small bowl.

Loylum which means “”floating”, hails from Thailand itself and is founded since 1952.

Almost every single Thai Boat Noodle shop in Singapore uses the word “authentic”. This is debatable, because pig’s blood, a key ingredient in the dish, cannot be used in this country. And so…

Accordingly, their chef has created a secret ingredient to replace the pig’s blood, and owners claim that the taste is the same or even better. Jing lor?

The small and standard sized bowls are available, priced at $2 and $5. For comparison, you can have a look at the photo. Bowl size same same, but ingredients and noodle portion SLIGHTLY more.

Big bowl filling, small bowl try more. You decide lah.

There are four different soup bases of beef, chicken pork and vegetarian mushroom, matched with your choice of bee hoon, egg noodle, thick or thin kway teow.

I liked the pork soup base, follow by the beef best. Both were robust, packed with flavours, oily (yes) with a trace of herbal nuance.

The vegetarian option will be suitable for those who like a clearer, lighter broth.

Desserts are generally an after-thought for many small Thai eateries. Loylum surprisingly got a smooth creamy version of Thai Mango Sago ($4) that I found delight in, without that tangy syrupy savour most others would have.

Thai Iced Milk tea was just quite the opposite – too sweet, not milky enough.

My critical friends said, “Not bad, not the best.”

Pretty sums up what I feel, BUT I think since the shop has just established in Singapore, they will be able to fine-tune that in time to come.

45 Sam Leong Road Singapore 207935 (near Kitchener Road, 5-10 min walk from Farrer Park MRT, City Square Mall, Mustafa Centre)
Tel +65 6291 3001
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily

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