I walked up 15 minutes under the hot sun from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station to Fort Canning Arts Centre to get a cone of gelato to cool down. #TrueStory

Giovanni L is an award-winning gelateria that originated from Germany. You may have seen some of their ice cream parlours around in Europe, with over a hundred branches in cities such as Berlin and Barcelona.

The founder Giovannie Lasagna (that same guy you see on the ice cream cup) helmed his gelato-making skills from his grandfather, and now has a repertoire of more than 100 hand-crated varieties.

Each year 2 to 3 new flavors of ice cream will be created, and ensuring something new customers can expect.

The Singapore outlet at Fort Canning Arts Centre (another at Parkway Centre) carries about 15-20 or so flavours, and oddly shares a space with Seattle chowder shop Seafood Pike Chowder, possibly brought in by the same company.

Plus point. Giovanni L sells a number of varied gelato flavours such as Eggnog, Amarena with Cherries, English Toffee, Mozart Melody with Pistachios, Spiced Chai Tea, and an intriguing Black Vanilla (yes, schwarz), along with Mango, Sicilian Pistachio and Classic Vanilla.

I had the Eggnog most recently, and felt Christmas came early. Lovely texture with a touch of chocolate and chocolate, so parents with kids should go for the safer flavours.

There was an online review on TripAdvisor that complained about Giovanni L’s “over the top prices” in Europe, costing €3,30 (SGD$5.25) for 2 scoops.

This customer has obviously not seen the Singapore prices – $4.90/$5.90 for a single scoop, $7.90/$9.90 for double scoops.

(Photo credit: Nicholas Tan @stormscape)

Its price may not be what some are willing to pay for, $5.90 for a small cup with a portion that finishes before real satisfaction sets in.

The texture is wonderful though – milky, dense, smooth, matched with unique flavours with quite an intense taste.

Giovanni L
Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris
Fort Canning Arts Centre, Singapore 179620 (Dhoby Ghaut, 15 minute walk from Park Mall towards Fort Canning Park)
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm

Other branch: 1 Marine Parade Central #01-05 Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408
Tel: +65 6255 9898

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  1. Hello,
    After reading your post I felt like I wanted to have a cup of Schwarz Vanilla. My uncle is Giovanni L, the creator of this gelato. I am really proud of how my uncle created step by step this amazing gelato! He started selling gelato when he was in High School, in now I see his face all around the world. He was from Italy but immigrated to Germany in his childhood, After High School my uncle began to run his own restaurant with the help of my aunt.

    My favorite gelato is the Pistachio one that received the price of the best gelato in the world. He has gelato shops all over the world, and I have to say that I am really proud of him. Which flavor was your favorite? Is the best gelato you’ve ever eaten?


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