I know you are hot. I am hot too. So here are 15 Cooling Desserts In Singapore for you to enjoy this Cooling-Off Day.

For those going to vote tomorrow, Keep Calm and Eat Cheng Tng. Do what you think is right, and be confident that our country will have a better future.

J Cone
Available AmaSoy (Ion Orchard)

My female friend laughed and laughed and laughed while eating the J Cone. “This reminds me of…” (You imagine what you imagine.)

Not a pretty sight when you are doing that at Ion Orchard, struggling with eating a giant yellow J shaped cone.

It is filled with VANILLA soft serve. And so.

Italian Gelato
Available Giovanni L (Fort Canning Arts Centre)

I walked up 15 minutes under the hot sun from the MRT station (FB page says 5 minutes) to Fort Canning Arts Centre to get a cone of gelato to cool down. #TrueStory

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
Available Ice Queen (One Raffles Place)

Rapid freezing from liquid nitrogen produces an ice cream with particularly small ice crystals which in turn produces a smoother texture. Apart from that, using liquid nitrogen eradicates the need for excessive chemical additives such as stabilizers and emulsifiers.

By the way, the R.I.P. is not meant to curse any one (or party). This is their Death By Chocolate Ice Cream lah. (Get it?)

Mochi Ice Cream
Available Kane Mochi (Bugis+)

Cute ice cream in chewy mochi. You would have imagined this came from Japan.

Thailand actually. 55555.

Japanese Parfait
Available Karafuru (Jalan Klapa)

Japanese style parfait presented on an elegant white plate with sakura soufflé, vanilla pudding, Japanese dango balls (yeah to these) and inhouse-made butter sakura langue de chat. The entirety inspired by spring times in Japan.

You start feeling beautiful even before eating.

Korean Bingsu
Available Nunsongyee (Bugis)

The millennials pay $16 for a Korean bingsu and instagram that. They get many Likes.

The older generation pay $2.50-$3 for ice kachang and complain it is expensive. They have no-where to show their Dislikes.

Times have changed.

Ice Kachang
Available at various hawker centres

This Ice Kachang from Annie’s by the way, famous for their roasted peanuts on ice shavings. The stall supposedly moved to Golden Mile.

But, the thing about some hawker stalls in Singapore (like the laksas and tau hways), you really can’t tell which is ‘real’ or ‘original’ nowadays.

Thai style Coconut Ice Cream
Available Pong Gelato (Scape)

We have eaten this at JJ Chatuchak Market all this while and nobody said anything. Suddenly, it has become fashionable to eat coconut ice cream in a coconut husk.

Still not too bad.

Singapore gets real coconuts all the time, and suddenly it has become fashionable to drink coconut water too. Interesting how the world works.

Sng Bao
Available The Sng Bao Society

Childhood favourite. Ice popsicles in that plastic.

This used to cost me 20 cents. Now it is $3. INFLATION ahhhhhhh.

Nostalgia has become so hipster you must have it.

Taiwanese Glass Jelly
Available Blackball (Star Vista)

Blackball is said to be Taiwan’s No.1 grass jelly desert chain, with natural ingredients flown fresh from Guanxi (that’s why more expensive lah.)

Some people still think it is owned by ex-MediaCorp actor Zhang Yao Dong.

Cheng Tng
Available Ye Lai Xiang (Bedok Corner Food Centre)

Passed down 3 generations, 11 different ingredients, one of the best Cheng Tng around. Good stuff cannot bluff.

Mango Pomelo Dessert
Available Ah Chew Desserts (Bugis Liang Seah Street, Novena)

A lot of my female friends love Ah Chew (the shop, not the owner) because they claim the desserts will make them mei-mei. (I didn’t see the effects though.)

My favourite dessert there is the Yang Zhi Gan Lu aka Mango Pomelo Dessert. The sweetness of the ripe, juicy mango chunks is complimented by the refreshing, citrus pomelo pulps that burst at every mouthful.

Taiwanese Snow Ice
Available Mei Heong Yuen (Chinatown Point, Ion Orchard)

Local dessert store selling Taiwanese Snow Ice. This is innovation. Business opportunities.

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert was known for their peanut paste as it was connected to the iconic Farmer Brand groundnuts.

Their take on the Taiwanese snow ice proved to be a hit, with its smooth textures and localised flavours, such as the Chendol.

Frozen Yogurt
Available Milk & Honey (City Square Mall)

Spain has llao llao. Singapore has Milk & Honey.

While llao llao continues to attract queues (though shorter ones) in Singapore, we can also be proud of this home-grown artisan yogurt shop, serving yogurt parfaits topped with handcrafted toppings.

Most of their added ingredients such as macarons, cake pieces and brownies are made in-house by a patisserie chef.

Ice Cream Popsicle
Available Neh Neh Pop (161 Middle Road)

The name so notti.

This is actually a double coated ice-cream popsicle – strawberry ripple ice cream, white chocolate dip, and strawberry Pocky on the outside. Considered quite chut pattern also.

One is not enough.

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