[Closed] DC Super Heroes Cafe in Marina Bay Sands has announced that it has closed for good and will not be back for “Phase 2”. (Also read: 50 Singapore Restaurants & Cafes Which Closed In 2020)

This is after close to 5 years of operations in Singapore.

The DC Super Heroes Café Takashimaya outlet will reopen on Friday 19 June.

However, it will soon transit to a new brand.

[Review below written in 2015]

It is fair enough to say diners do not go to a DC Comics Super Heroes Café expecting the best tasting food.

This café located at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (at the skating rink side) is “one and only official DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe with full dining experience”, with food conceptualised by local celebrity chef Eric Teo.

It may be your dream come true to have some Superman’s Soup, Green Lantern Salad, Catwoman’s Caramel Latte, The Flash’s Espresso and Batman Burger. Or maybe not. (Anyway, please do not ask for Spiderman cakes yah?)

The menu consists of starters, quesadilla, sandwiches, pasta dishes, desserts and drinks. Food is not halal, though no pork or lard is served.

Let us just say that the children are likely to enjoy the toys and cakes, and the adults have to get ready to spend some money. The price of the Flash Cupcake at $8.90 may already give you a shock (pun unintended).

The signature item was the Batman’s Dark Knight Burger ($25.90), served with black charcoal burger bun, wagyu beef patty, grilled portobello mushroom with a side of nacho chips.

Where shall we start? (Sorry Chef!)

The beef patty was shrivelled and dry, a much smaller circle contrasted with the burger bun, not tasty enough and a waste of the use of wagyu.

As for the mushroom, there was only half of it. What happened to the other half? Perhaps some cost-cutting measure was already in place.

(Overheard) “The nachos taste like cinema food.”
“Gold class you mean?”
“No, cinema class.”

The Aquaman’s Arrabiata ($24.90) was café-food-standard acceptable. At least I thought that the seafood such as scallop and prawn was fresh enough.

I wondered if there could be more ‘superhero’ component in both the presentation and execution of the dish, other than a token Batman logo cheese cut-out.

The Wonder Woman Red Velvet Cupcake ($8.90) was actually not bad, though super expensive and a tad sweet, was still moist and soft.

Do note that the cupcake was designed based on Wonder Woman’s, well in a better word, attire. So try not to imagine too much when munching that fluffy thing down.

The DC Comics Super Heroes Café is a great place for photo opportunities, and service was personable and polite. Though if you are feeling in need for some great tasting meals, the food may not be able to save the day.

DC Comics Super Heroes Café
2 Bayfront Avenue, L1-03/04/05 Bay Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018972
Tel: +65 6688 7610
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 11pm (Sun-Thurs), 10:30am – 11:30pm

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  1. Im glad you gotten good service! I went there on the 1st weekend that they opened; on sat around 9pm and the service was HORRIBLE. They had no idea whats on the menu, din inform us that certain items were not available when we ordered and we had to wait and only told us when we asked them where is our drinks. We had to reorder and wait another 10mins.

    One waitress was quite rude in fact! Kept coming to our table and just butted in and say “did u order anything else” in a rude tone like kept shooing us away. No “excuse me” or polite tone! And the food was… mediocre. I wouldnt go back there again.. never.

    • well… if you tell them u a food blogger u get a different attitude if you are a famous food blogger or actor u also get a different attitude…… also ppl go there just to camwore . . . never trust much on what people write in blogs some get good services some get bad services…. well i be going there tml so i was looking at images on what to get . . . but i already kinda know what to eat . . . . . .

      • Hi Huh, I do not go to shops announcing I am a food blogger. 🙂 Personally, I observe how the staff treat the other customers, and how they deal with questions. Cheers.

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