When we say a person ‘chut pattern’, it talks about someone full of antics. Perhaps this can be used to describe food in the same vein.

‘Ordinary’ food won’t make the cut in an Instagram world. The more photogenic, the more elements it has, the more hipster, the better.

Here are 11 Food In Singapore, Pattern More Than Badminton.

TNT Dynamite Dessert
Available Non Entrée Desserts (Rangoon Road)

So BOOMZ. This TNT dessert will go Bang Bang into the room (I know ya want it).

While it looks like a fire cracker meets red candle used for a Chinese wedding night in a period zombie movie, this TNT contains basil-marinated wild strawberries + fizzy yuzu form + lychee sorbet + pistachio sponge all encrusted in a milk chocolate Dynamite, planted in earl grey chocolate soil with Moscato jelly and fizzy raspberry rocks.

Chut pattern? You win. (Limited to 20 per day.)

Over The Top Milkshakes
Available Cake Spade (Tanjong Pagar)

If the Over The Top Milkshakes claim to be Number 2 in ’Chut Pattern’, no other food would dare fight to be Number 1 at the moment.

This is milkshake + cake + wafer cookies + sprinkles + cream + Nutella + huge fluffy cloud of candy floss… on an ice cream cone, which has more sprinkles on it. Ordinary milkshakes won’t do anymore.

Wait, how do we even start drinking?

Candy floss on anything
Available Revelry (Lor Kilat)

While we are on the topic of candy floss, candy floss on soft serve, candy floss on coffee, and candy floss on waffles. Want to make your food instagrammable? Add candy floss.

It is not only humans who have the liberty to act cute, waffles too.

Cakes In Flowerpot
Available Banana Tree (Keong Siak)

Cakes on plates is normal. Must eat them in a pot, complete with ‘soil’ and flower (can get some from Daiso. Banana Tree’s flowers are from Korea FYI). It makes you feel, emm, beautiful.

Syringes on Cakes
Available Udders Pancake

Oh my tian. When the cake is feeling sick, and medications don’t work, it is time for a jab. *Jab

Syringes on Bingsu
Available Chick and Ken (Lor Telok)

O.k.a.y. This is when the bingsu is also sick, and 2 days of MC won’t work. The bowl is in more than serious condition, and therefore needs 3 jabs. *Jab* *Jab* *Jab* (Keep your eyes from rolling because…)

Ice Cream Rolls
Available 21 Cube Artisan Ice Cream (Scape)

Ice cream on a cone or cup? Nah, not hipster enough. Must ‘fry’, then eat the rolled versions. Old school ice cream uncle will shake his head in disbelief.

Ice Cream In Macarons
Available House Of Robert Timms

These are called sandwiches by the way. I know right? Surprisingly tasty. LOL.

Chicken Rice Sushi
Available Lepark (People’s Park)

The local Hainanese chicken rice rolled into a sushi, complete with cucumber and chill sauce. This sushi tastes just like, well, Chicken Rice!

Selfie Coffee
Available Selfie Coffee (Haji Lane)

Your friend will NEVER take your coffee by mistake again, because it has your face printed on it. One of those times you can actually proudly say, “My selfie taste so good.”

Burning Pineapple
Available Lokkee (Plaza Singapura)

Because serving meat on a plate is not enough. Because serving meat in a pineapple is not enough. Because only serving meat in a pineapple on fire is enough.

And just one more… Chio Bu Coke Can

Cos we need a can of Coke to remind others of our beauty.

Maybe one day…

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* Compiled by Daniel Ang @DanielFoodDiary all in the name of fun. Don’t so serious okay?


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