Mention “Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw” in Kuala Lumpur and most people would have heard about their street kiosk turned multiple franchise fairytale story.

Some background story: Founders Zul and Nita started off with a street kiosk selling burger bakar aka grilled patty burgers in 2011.

Known for their humongously stacked patties burger (no joke, maximum of 10 patties per burger), long queues could be seen at the street kiosks. Nope, we won’t be getting giant burger in the Singapore franchise store.

Kaw Kaw pronounced as ‘gao’ means ‘thick’ in Hokkien. The pronunciation also fits the Chinese word 高 which means ‘tall’.

The Muslim-owned franchise is strategically located at Aliwal Art Center near to the Sultan mosque.

There is a rustic touch to its interior. Red bricked walls, wooden furniture, warm, cosy and homely. Several vintage ornaments and appliances such as fat CRT TVs, abacus and radio sets are on display and for sale.

Their menu features a selection of appetizers, salads ($7.50-$9.50), pasta and the highlight – burgers that come in chicken, beef or mutton fillings.

The Permaisuri Burger ($16.70) known as Queen Burger in English looked so KAW with fried chicken thigh, melted cheese, turkey ham slice, chicken floss and lemongrass sauce.

Our first impression: Huge. (My fairy tale image shattered! Is that what a queen supposed to look like?)

The chicken was fried till a light brown tan (no ugly tan lines for the Queen) with a bit of crisp.

Similar to that of a Zinger burger, just less spicy, bigger and juicer. A bit more flavouring would probably make the Queen more attractive.

We loved the Smokey Beef Bacon Burger ($14.80) with 175g of beef patty (so precise like their unique pricing), beef bacon, melted cheese and smoky sauce.

This single sliced beef patty looked pretty Kaw on its own, was tender, juicy and flavourful. So flavourful that we almost went “Moooo…”

The buns were crispy and firm (pun unintended), giving it an extra crunch. And something different from our usual crispy bacon, beef bacon was used but wasn’t as crispy and crunchy (sadly).

The hot beverages available were the usual fare, with interesting names for the cold beverages.

Think Sassy Zesty, Envy Me, My Fair Lady and Gentlemen’s Drink all priced at $6.50. #HipsterNames

Live band performance will be available to everyone Kaw (High) and we looked forward to see Kawer (thicker) burgers in future.

Kaw Kaw SG
28 Aliwal Street, 0101 Aliwal Art Center, Singapore 19918 (10-15 min walk from Lavender MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Mon-Sun)

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