Keep calm and eat Cheng Tng. The weather is hot, and online arguments on elections are getting hotter.

As I scroll past my Facebook wall, I see too many polarized views, angry unwarranted comments. Wah, so many ‘fights’. (Won’t we just singing “One people, one nation, one Singapore” less than a month ago?)

I believe voting is personal, and so would refrain from dwelling into my choice. Though I have some requests…

– Can we refrain from name calling?
Candidates are making more faux pas, further amplified by both media and social media. Some are just making their own goals so often. But that doesn’t warrant names from “stupid”, “retard” to animals. Calling a supporter of another party “dumb” doesn’t reflect well either. Respect lah!

– Can we agree to disagree?
Keep an open mind, listen out to different perspective, and learn about the differences in opinions.

– Can we stop taking words/quotes out of context?
Some sites are using headlines to shock, to gain readership. Common tactics used. But as consumers of news, shouldn’t we read multiple sources? If not watch the rally in its entirely or at least read the article (not just the headlines) before making quick judgments.

– Can we not blame the government for EVERYTHING that gone wrong?
Our government may not be perfect, but some challenges from rising cost to immigration are also faced by many other countries.

– In a similar note, can we not blame all foreigners for everything that went wrong?
These very foreigners, can be our colleagues, our friends, those who build our homes and save our children from falling (literally). I do not agree on bringing down other countries to show our strengths as well.

This is purely my personal view, that that we should be focused on solving the problems, not on bringing down the people.

People have different perspective and ideas, and their experiences can be just as valid as yours.

You may not agree. If you are still feeling heated… keep calm and eat Cheng Tng. Peace.

* Daniel from Daniel’s Food Diary is excited to be voting for the first time. He is Tiong Bahru boy mah.


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