Hajimemashite! One of my favourite Japanese brands MUJI has opened its first “Café & Meal MUJI” in Singapore at L4 Paragon Orchard. Finally. (Read: Café & Meal MUJI 無印良品 at Tokyo)

I am a fan of MUJI, often spending time browsing around for home accessories, or just appreciating how simple and elegant the designs are. Tell me if you are a MUJI fan.

The mood of just being there, taking things slow. Cue that dreamy acoustic MUJI background music.

Café & Meal MUJI is buzzling with a long queue of people till outside the shop. You can spot many Japanese and MUJI fans around. You know it when they have carefully waxed hair (the guys), dressed in loose cardigans or flowy dresses, in colours of white beidge, and grey. Just saying.

The main dishes served are similar to what I had in Tokyo, though the selection and variety are a lot less.

Here’s how it works: You pick from a combination of hot and cold deli dishes presented behind the counter.

A selection of 1 hot and 2 cold deli with choice of white rice or bread is at $12.90, while the 2 hot and 2 cold combination is at $16.90. An additional $1 can be topped up for Ten Grain Rice – Niigata Koshihikari Japanese white rice mixed with multi-grains.

Think ‘cai peng’ but in a possibly healthier, less oily Japanese style.

My order, a plate of Black Vinegar Sweet Sour Pork, Matcha Caesar Salad, and Vegetable Omelette were tasty, and made a filling meal. This may be one of the ways to get children to have their greens, because the accompanying dishes look colourful and appetizing.

I did wish we were given a choice of 2 hot delis, rather than 1. A preference for a warmer meal.

Four desserts are available – The signature Caramel Pudding ($4.90), Classic Chocolate Cake ($7.40), Mixed Berry Cheesecake ($8.40), Roasted Tea Pudding ($5.40).

Prices are comparable. The pudding which cost 400 yen (SGD$4.80) in Tokyo, is priced at $4.90 in Singapore.

I always enjoyed the texture of the Caramel Pudding, smooth and wobbly. But I do find the dessert too sweet, and could do with more of that distinct ‘burnt’ caramel taste.

Also, there are some slight differences. The Caramel Pudding in Singapore came without a dollop of cream.

Service is polite and professional. Staff was seen handing out cups of drinks to those in the long line, and could proficiently answer questions in English, Japanese and Mandarin. Something we can always learn from.

Café & Meal MUJI Paragon
Orchard Paragon, 290 Orchard Road #04-36 Singapore 238859 (Orchard MRT)
Tel: +65 6735 0123
Opening Hours: 10am – 9:30pm (Mon-Sun), Full menu available only after 11am, Last order 9:45pm

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  1. I made my first visit yesterday for a lunch at your cafe. Since I was alone, the staff ask if I can be seated at long counter. I did not mind at all. They place the reserve card for me and I went to take my order. Everything was fine and I was enjoying my meal. Half way into my meal, the staff walk to me and ask me to move to make space for 3 pax to come. I was seated originally with 2pax side by side. They left after their meal. I obviously very unhappy, but I gave way. I do not like the approach. Is awful and I feel very offended at the manner I’m being approached. There was a customer 2 seats away with her handbag occupying a seat, why your staff told me to shift ?


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