The joy when we can find Hokkaido Fresh Milk readily at the supermarkets in Singapore, and there is no need to travel to Japan to rekindle that taste.

Oh, the creaminess, purity, and luscious tastiness of the fresh milk can be so satisfying, especially when you drink it straight from a tall glass or from the pack itself.

Hokkaido Fresh Milk now available in Singapore in 1-litre packs.

When I am in a rush to work, a cup of half granola and half milk will be my breakfast staple as it is filling, healthy and delicious at the same time.

Hokkaido Fresh Milk with granola for breakfast – simple and nutritious.

Hokkaido Is Known For Dairy Products
Hokkaido is known for its beautiful scenery, quality seafood, and of course dairy products. Do you know that Hokkaido produces more than 50% of the total of Japan’s milk output?

Cows are said to be happy there, because the fresh air, spacious land, and green environment keep them in a good living condition. Thus the cows produce higher quality milk.

In fact, you will find that milk from Hokkaido cost more than milk from other prefectures in Japan.

Hokkaido Fresh Milk is as close as you can to creamy goodness without flying to Japan.

Hokkaido Fresh Milk
These Hokkaido Fresh Milk is flown in fresh from dairy farms in Hokkaido, produced by the renowned Yotsuba Milk Products Co. Ltd.

Yotsuba Milk Products ensures that cows are checked on a daily basis, given a nutritious feed, have sufficient pasturing time and exercise, and are milked only during their prime years. Essentially, give the cows as relaxing a life as possible.

Not exaggerating, the farmers are said to bring up their cows as if they are their own children, using only the safest extraction methods.

Rich, smooth and creamy, while being refined and refreshing.

Taste of Hokkaido Fresh Milk
The milk can be addictive on its own – smoooooooth, refreshing, and creamy which will gently coat your tongue. You know that movement where you ‘clean’ milk off your lips.

You may find that Hokkaido Fresh Milk is unlike other pasteurised milk brands that boost of additional health benefits (Eg. Omega 3, DHA, low fat). Goodness on its own.

Hokkaido Fresh Milk goes well with Japanese style desserts such as éclairs and fruit tarts.

Hokkaido Fresh Milk with Food
Other than being a good complement to granola and cereal for breakfast, I like to pair Hokkaido Fresh Milk with Japanese style desserts. Anything from fruit tarts, éclairs to chiffons. Children should also enjoy their chocolate cookies dunked into milk glass.

If you are a coffee drinker, using steamed Hokkaido Fresh Milk can give your latte a fuller body.

Don’t you love the pretty packaging?

Hokkaido Fresh Milk is available at most Fair Price Finest, priced at $6.45 per 1 litre pack.


* This post is brought to you in partnership with Hokkaido Fresh Milk.


    • You can get them at all NTUC Finest. All stocks are replenished as I type this message. However, “Hokkaido Fresh Milk” is selling fast. Good luck and enjoy Hokkaido freshness. 🙂

  1. I bought this and also Pura milk for comparison (1 Hokkaido > 2 Pura milk in price).

    Pura is more yellow, Hokkaido is white.

    Pura has a bit of raw taste. Hokkaido is really smooth and milky without milk stink at all.

    Pura is a bit watery. Hokkaido is really rich.

    Hokkaido is worth it!

  2. I have seen Hokkaido Milk and their associated dairy products being sold in Bangkok at reputable supermarkets and just yesterday visited the franchising and licensing expo in Jakarta and to my surprise, saw this brand being offered for franchise at the Thailand pavilion.

    I went to their website and notice there’s no mention of where their milk is from. So I think they’ve just used the name and peddled their Thai milk as Hokkaido Milk. The logo and packaging look deceptively “Hokkaido” so one would never question its origin. I tried to click on their “Contact Us” link in the hope of getting clarification from them but the link doesn’t work.

    They say they will be participating at the same franchising expo to be held in Singapore next month. Hope someone reading this who’s got some knowledge of this can shed light on this brand of Hokkaido milk.

  3. Please verify that the product sold in NTUC Finest come from Hokkaido Japan. I saw on the packaging that it is produce in Singapore.

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