There I was, walking up in sweat from Dhoby Ghaut MRT to the new Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris at Fort Canning Arts Centre. All for a bowl of clam chowder. Not just any ordinary bowl, but Seattle Pike Chowder.

Whoever wrote that it would take 5 minutes to reach Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris from Dhoby Ghaut. This reminded me of a property agent I met selling condominiums, “Good location. Just 5 minutes away from the MRT station.” Right.

Or unless Usian Bolt did the running.

Seattle Pike Chowder’s origin comes from the famous Pike Place Chowders at Seattle’s Pike Place Market, supervised by owner and founder Larry Mellum.

Their small café then, won “Nation’s Best Chowder” for three years in a row in the Great Chowder Cook-Off. The rest is history.

In the shop space shared with gelato café Giovanni L, six types of chowders are offered – New England, Manhattan, Seafood Bisque, Smoked Salmon, Alaskan Fish, and Scallop.

Prices range between from $10.90 to $16.90 for small to large bowls. I had the signature New England Chowder in a bread bowl ($12.90).

I remember reading a review saying the bread is “soft and fluffy”. The reverse could be true i it is after all a bread bowl holding hot soup. If I may say, the bread is probably the weakest link – overly toasted, tough.

The chowder was good stuff, like how I would have imagined it to be – creamy, rich, buttery, generous in ingredients, distinct chowder taste. If only the potato pieces were bigger – personal preference.

One of the main deterrents in the location, limited by the lack of foot traffic. If not, you can always get your Pike chowder from Parkway Parade.

Seattle Pike Chowder
Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris
Fort Canning Arts Centre, Singapore 179620 (Dhoby Ghaut, 15 minute walk from Park Mall towards Fort Canning Park)
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm

Other branch: 1 Marine Parade Central #01-05 Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408
Tel: +65 6255 9898

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  1. Is this the official Pike’s Place Chowder from Seattle with hour long queues opened by the original founder Larry Mellum? Or is it a shop opened by singaporean just selling seattle style chowder?

  2. Why are the milkshakes at Tanjong Pagar half the size as Marine Parade? When I ask whether or not milkshakes are available on any given day at Tanjong Pagar, why does your crew need to discuss before answering. Milk shakes are a menu item and I’m on my able to order a milkshake 50% of the time. Why?

    If I go to your Marine Parade store why am I told they are out of most soups an hour before closing? Why am I told to wait for my soup to be defrosted and served seperate from the bread bowl and how do I pour it in, seriously…? I have pictures of a guy spraying pesticides around your dining tables, while we are, per instructions given by your restaurant, as we waited for soup.

    I’m currently at Tanjong Pagar and asked to wait for my milkshake, the only customer. Your crew set it on the counter and told me to get up and get it myself. I am leaving the money for the shake on your table with the sincere hope that your crew is not so incapable as to ask me for payment on my way out. Honestly, they are likely not attentive enough to notice non-payment.

    What do I know anyway? I only my managed boutique restaurants in the US for more than a decade. Your restaurant shouldn’t be affiliated with a successful American operation.


  3. Your crew didn’t notice I left, have pictures showing money left on the table, empty milkshake and crew in the background.

    The Pacific NW has better canned soup options out of NW Oregon. Will import it myself.


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