The Thai Coconut Ice Cream, most commonly found at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market, has become a food trend of sorts in Singapore. Think about Pong Gelato at Orchard Scape and Wimi Ice Cream Clementi which reached our shores this year.

We share the same hot summer weather. Plus our Thai friends (and Singaporeans with close Thai relationships) are working their charm with the increase in Thai Iced Milk Tea, Thai Wanton Noodles and Thai Boat Noodles eateries.

Qooloo is a combination of two hot foods. Coconut water achieved superfood status in Western countries. Thai coconut desserts are the next trending food, and we hope they are here to stay. Aroy mak mak.

Located at China Square with no shortage of F&B outlets, Qoolco offers an alfresco dining area of 20 seating capacity.

Think the name is strange? Qoolco is the summation of 2 words: Cool and Coconut. (Though I hear of people not knowing how to call the shop “Qoo-L-Co”?

Their menu is more extensive compared to their competitors. Coconut soft serves in cups or coconut husk, with Soft Snow ($3.80) made from coconut milk and the Volcano ($4.60) coming drizzled with egg yolk sauce.

Coconut husks are frozen (literally “qooling”) prior to serving to slow down the melting rate of the softserve. The texture is milky, slightly icy with a lingering refreshing aftertaste of coconut.

However, the taste of the egg yolk sauce was pretty muted and had an unpleasant hard texture when it solidified under cold temperature.

When the husk is thawed sufficiently, you can scoop out the juicy coconut flesh.

Qoolco’s Snow Ball ($3.40) was served with a single scoop of coconut ice cream in a coconut husk. 2 other options available: Coco Treasures ($4.20) with 4 toppings or Lava ($4.60) with egg yolk.

The Chinese has 8 treasures porridge, Qoolco has a versio of 4 treasures coconut.

The Coco treasures came with 4 topping selections such as red ruby, sweet corn, chia seed, palm seed, nata de coco, koko krunch and cornflakes, and you choose like toppings on the ice kachang.

Qoolco has a wide range of coconut beverages. From Coconut Water ($3.90 for regular, $5.40 for large) to Crystal Slushy ($4.20 for regular, $5.50 for large) and top up with a scoop of coconut icecream at an additional 30 cents to create a Floating Slushy (similar to a Root Beer Float).

The coconut water was “qool-ing” and refreshing, perfect for the hot weather nowadays. Interesting label on the bottle: Nothing added, nothing heated (stay qool), nothing to hide. We won’t hide our love for this drink.

It is an interesting sight when we saw some office workers ‘ta-baoing’ the coconut back to office, contained in plastic bags for an afternoon quencher. Times have changed, and the humble coconut is now labelled superfood.

We will be back for Qoolco to keep ourselves Qool, literally.

3 Pickering Street #01-30 (China Square), Singapore 048660 (Telok Ayer MRT)
Opening Hours: 10.30am – 8pm (Mon-Fri), Closed Sat, Sun

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape. Partly contributed by Daniel Ang @DanielFoodDiary Find them on Instagram, Weibo and Snapchat for their food explorations. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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