When we first wrote about Nunsongyee눈송이 back in January, there were just a handful of bingsu shops in Singapore. The Korean café at Serangoon Gardens Burghley Drive, hard to reach to via public transport, had only one other table of customer. Many asked what bingsu was then.

After visiting anonymously and trying almost every single bingsu cafes in Singapore, we rated Nunsongyee’s best amongst all the bingsu In Singapore for its smooth as snow shavings, matched with quality ingredients that went into the bowl.

Fast forward 7 months later, Nunsongyee has opened another branch at Tanjong Katong, and one more by month’s end at Bugis. Hooray for Easties.

We are really happy for them.

This outlet at Tanjong Katong (next to Punggol Nasi Lemak) is its first franchise. The menu is the same as the original, serving Snow Flake Bingsu, Toast, Rice Cake, Coffee and Tea.

There are some reasons why their bingsu taste better than some of the rest. Shaved milk is used, while we have experienced many which used either shaved ice, or a combination of milk and water. If in incorrect proportions, the shavings could have coarser texture.

Good bingsu requires a custom made machine which produces snowflake-like shavings. There are some cafes which used had machines that grated blocks of ice. The difference will be apparent.

New to bingsu and not too sure what to pick? The Koreans and locals generally have different preference for flavours.

Koreans prefer more traditional-tasting Injeolmi (Korea rice cake, $14.90) or Pat Bingu (Red bean, $12.90), while Singaporeans would go for modern and colourful flavours of Cheesecake ($14.90), Coffee ($18.90) or Snow White ($18.90) – a mixture of macadamia nuts, white chocolate, cheese and biscuit bits.

In a ‘sourish mood’, we went for the Mixed Berries Bingsu ($15.90), despite reading a Burpple review that there was “zero chemistry between the two” (meaning shaved milk and berries).

Instead, we thought it was a beautiful love story. One’s sweetish-sour with strong character, the other milky sweet that looks fair but dependable – they compliment. Plus, we were surprised to dig into some red bean in the middle of it all.

Two questions remain. Will the franchisee keep up with its quality in time to come? And is Korean bingsu a fad that will come and go?

Nunsongyee 눈송이
232 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437020
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Sun-Thurs), 12pm – 11pm (Fri-Sat)

Other outlet:
45 Burghley Drive #01-04, Singapore 559022 (15-20 min walk from Lorong Chuan MRT)

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* Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated. An Injeolmi Bingsu was given on the house during the last visit.


  1. I think the reason why I experienced zero chemistry while you thought it was a beautiful love story is that the mixed berries in our respective bowls are different? 😉


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