It is not every day that people would travel to Science Park just to eat Chinese food. Science Park! You need to jio friends or family members who drive to get to Diamond Kitchen, but I think the food is well worth the occasional ride.

Diamond Kitchen’s first restaurant is at Marina Parade within the Laguna Park condominium, but that did not stop Singaporeans from all around the island going there for their sauna prawns and other signatures.

There are some reasons for its success: A strong PR company; mainly positive reviews from critics and bloggers; reasonable pricing (partly because they look for lower rental locations), and a fairly interesting variety of Singapore meets Malaysian zhi char dishes.

This outlet at Science Park is a lot more spacious, comfortable and airier than its original branch. I like.

Though when I called for reservation (on the same day), I was advised to come for the second seating at 7:30pm instead of the 7pm which I asked for. But the restaurant was quite empty leh.

For those who have yet to try their food, these are the Top 10 “Media Recommended” dishes.
1. Sauna Prawns ($26/$39/$52)
2. Three Eggs Chinese Spinach ($14/$21/$28)
3. Champagne Pork Ribs ($14/$21/$28)
4. Superior Chicken Soup ($20/$40)
5. Gan Xiang Fried Rice ($9/$15/$18)
6. Pumpkin Beancurd ($14/$21/$28)
7. Diamond Gan Xiang Crab (Seasonal price)
8. Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clams (Seasonal price)
9. Salted Egg Sotong ($14/$21/$28)
10. Hong Kong Steamed Fish (Seasonal Price)

‘Gan Xiang’ is not that commonly seen in Singapore. It is a Malaysia zi-char inspired sauce, literally meaning dry and fragrant, being aromatic and sweet, salty and spicy at the same time.

My must-order dish has to be the Champagne Pork Ribs ($14). Not the typical style, the pork strips were actually served de-boned. The texture was tender, sweetish in marination, and it went supremely well with their homemade sambal chilli sauce.

One advice though: Eat the dishes here within 10 minutes of so. The aircon happened to be quite strong, and dishes left on the table turned lukewarm in a manner of minutes. (If you want to Instagram any food pictures, DO IT FAST.)

Many calamari dishes tried elsewhere failed big time, usually tasting rubbery and overpowered by salted egg yolk sauce. Singaporeans may love salted-egg-anything, but let us not drown our food in it.

Their Salted Egg Sotong ($14) was spot on – crispy deep fried, dusted with some spicy powder, evenly tossed in salted yolk mix, and did not taste overly chewy.

We went back again, and can surprisingly all of the dishes we ordered were ‘80% there’. This is quality zhi-char fare in an air-conditioned Chinese restaurant setting.

Diamond Kitchen
87 Science Park Dr #01-01 Oasis Singapore 118260
Tel: +65 6464 0410
Opening Hours: 11am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 11pm (Mon-Sun)

Main outlet:
5000F Marine Parade Road, Laguna Park (Condominium), #01-22/23, Singapore 449289

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