‘The Working Capitol Café’ took some time to find a fixed name and identity, now finally known as The Daily Roundup.

There are many reasons to like this café: Open space, plugs, free wifi, good drinks, cakes, busy but largely quiet environment. In fact, I have been to this café to work on blog entries several times, and enjoyed the ambience and peace.

Despite being several months around, it didn’t have a name. I asked before, and the reply was, “We don’t have a fixed name at the moment! It’s just The Working Capitol’s café.”

Do you find it hard sometimes to connect with some things, places without a name?

The Lo & Behold Group has officially taken over this space. They are known for some extravagant restaurants (The Black Swan, The White Rabbit), but not quite so on extravagant marketing (at least social media wise). The Daily Roundup’s Facebook page remains quite empty other than a logo. Its website printed on the namecard, is unavailable.

The cafe with rather Aussie-vibes serve sweet crepes and savoury galettes – round flat crusty crepe-like cakes.
Its Yuzu Butter Crepe ($10, $14 with ice cream) came plain and simple-looking, but its magic is in the ingredients used. The yuzu infused butter was the main allure, slight salty with the lingering of zesty yuzu which worked wonders with the chewy crepe and sweet creamy ice cream in a mouthful.

If in doubt, order the ice cream at a top up of $4. On another occasion, I had the Nutella Crepe ($10) on its own and felt something was missing. Must emphasize that the ‘nutella sauce’ is homemade with hazelnut chocolate sauce, and thus not as sweet.

Drinks such as Roselle Hibiscus Iced Tea ($7.00) and Earl Grey Passion Fruit Iced Tea ($7.00) were lovely. Cakes were on the dry side, maybe because the slice has been left out in the open for some time.

A popular spot with office executives for short meet-up, and has suitably become a café I like to work at (occasionally). Say hi if you see me there.

The Daily Roundup @ The Working Capitol
1 Keong Saik Road, The Working Capitol Singapore 089109
Opening Hours: 9am – 6pm (Mon-Fri)

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