I AM. And Why. All In. The group of cafes is obviously doing well, with shops a few steps from one another.

Taking over the corner designer clothing shop, All In is more of a takeaway counter for coffee, cold brew (I like), cold-pressed juices, some pastries and ice cream. Note: There are no places to sit. They are opened by the same team behind the popular I AM Café for their hearty Halal café food.

Their scoop of Rainbow Ice Cream ($3.90) may be the next Instagram hit. (Though after I instagrammed that, it keeps getting sold out.)

Other flavours to try include Caramel Choco, Forest Berry, Macadamia Supreme, Hokey Pokey and Affogato. A single scoop goes for $3.90, while 3 scoops are priced at $10.90.

The one thing I do not understand: They did not allow me to buy a double scoop, or even two single scoops in a cup. Alamak!

I liked their Cold Brew – bold, smooth texture, and strangely a little sweet. (Like kopi o peng siu dai, Opps.) Not too sure about the glass bottles though, which made it tough to takeaway and properly dispose.

The Cold Pressed Juices ($6.90) served in disposable cups, with choices of watermelon, honeydew, rock melon, orange, red apple and green apple, were also sweeter than usual. Refreshing.

Good news for early wakers, All In is opened early enough at 7am for your caffeine fix.

All In At Bali Lane
660 North Bridge Road Singapore 188797 (Bugis MRT)
Opening Hours: 7am – 10pm (Mon-Sun)

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