Two Wings has opened another branch, at Essen At The Pinnacle. Essen what?

Essen, an ‘ang moh’ foodcourt at the base of Pinnacle at Duxton. It has obviously taken a cue or two from Salut the ‘ang moh kopitiam’ with stalls such as Immanuel French Kitchen, Stew Kuche and Two Wings doing well enough.

Smart move to invite Two Wings over. (Since Immanuel already has another branch at East Coast, and Stew Kuche is owned by Salut’s boss himself. Ah-huh.)

Owner Jeremy was once concerned that I said “Two Wings standard drop” – just wasn’t as moist, colour didn’t look ‘right’ and oil didn’t taste as well.

For this newer stall, he ensured his ‘lao jiao’ (old birds) and wife (okay, this sounds wrong, but that was what he said) were there to ensure the processes are maintained. (Opps, does that mean the ’xin jiao’ (new birds) are…)

And… There is aircon.

If you are wondering what the hype is, Two Wings is created from a well-kept secret recipe of 40 years, matched with bigger wings and a spicier homemade chicken rice type chilli sauce.

The colour this time was yellow-golden, skin crunchy and meat succulent and juicy. As usual, I ordered 4 ($8.50), told myself to stick to 2 (diet) and went on to 3.

On Two Wings’ door was a line from me, “Possibly The Best Chicken Wings In Singapore”. A year later, I still stand by it. Now, the challenge is for them to keep both branches consistent in quality, service and taste. (Note: Two Wings has ended its operation at Salute at Bukit Merah.)

Two Wings – Essen At The Pinnacle
No. 1 Cantonment Road #01-01 The Pinnacle @ Duxton, Singapore 080001 (Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Tel: +65 9667 0368
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 9pm Daily

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* Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated. Two Wings gave us a 20% discount.


  1. the wings are really overrated, and overpriced too. The batter is plain and the chicken is tasteless. Waiting time was long .. waited for 40 minutes or so when there were barely 3 people in the queue. try only if you want to know how does bad fried chicken taste like.

  2. How much do you get paid to say overly exaggerated bs like this! Just because it has a faint har cheong kai (aka Prawn paste) flavour to it doesn’t mean it’s the best. Very very ordinary wings. Better luck with KFC.

    At least Two Wings is cheaper than ur another nonsense recommendation called Kanshoku Ramen that caused me to waste $20 on one of the most awful Ramen I have had next to Ajisen.

    Very disappointing.

  3. I thought the chicken wasn’t too bad. In fact, rather than tasteless (as alleged by earlier comments), I found it slightly on the strong flavour side than I would have liked. Batter is nice and crispy.

  4. You are either exaggerating or you are not a chicken wing fan. There is nothing special about this chicken wing except it’s overpriced. The chicken wings are actually a little tasteless, even comparing to any random fried chicken place found at coffeeshop or hawker centre.


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