Pie Face was so named due to drawn expressions on every single pie, and that became a big hit while it lasted. We wished the same for Pizza Face, which didn’t quite make use of the opportunity to be more visually different.

Pizza Face serves breakfast sandwiches, small bites, salads, pizza, pasta and cakes from Les Patisseries.

What sets it apart is: it is one of the few coffee-selling cafes which specialise in pizzas. Coffee beans is from Coffee Nowhere (NowHere, not NoWhere).

If you cannot find the pizza cafe, it is at Beach Road concourse right opposite Pizza Hut. I am sure this is a pure coincidence.

First thing first, we declare that we quite like the pizza. Emphasize on ‘quite like’. Wasn’t bad, wasn’t mind-blowing.

The red pizza varieties include Mozzarella with Tomato, Vegan, Salami, Salami and Spinach, Parma Ham with Spinach, and Meat Lovers; while the white types incorporate cheese, smoked salmon with caviar – priced between $16 and $28.

We had the Meat Lovers ($28) – lovely thin crust, savoury beef ragu, agreeable BBQ tomato sauce, and well-cooked egg at the centre for a more photogenic piece.

You may wonder what the fuss was with the egg. But we tried so many where the egg was usually overcooked. This was just nice.

With that said, our question is: Where is the X-factor then? Especially when there is hundreds of pizza shops out there.

Is it us, or the flavours or at least the naming of the pizzas not inspiring enough?

We also ordered a (off-the-menu) Truffle Penne, which turned out to be as expected – pretty creamy, not overly rich with a touch of truffle oil.

Again, the taste was better than the average café pasta offerings. But I think we are at a time when consumers (or at least returning customers) want more than ordinary. Am I right to say so?

Pizza Face offers decent pizzas and pasta, and we trust the general quality of Les Patisseries’s bakes. But they would require that special factor and some signature flavours to set it apart.

Pizza Face
302 Beach Road Concourse Skyline #01-03 Singapore 199600
Opening Hours: 8am – 10:30pm Daily

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