[Sydney, Australia] This is the soft serve created for Instagram. Aqua blue and pink watermelon creaming soda twirls of ice cream on a black cone, surrounded by a cloud of fluffy cotton candy and caramel popcorn.

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The dreamlike Aqua S must have started a wave of other soft serve brands going multi-coloured as well.

I had my Instagram feed (in the past) showered with Aqua S soft serves with shades of blue (sea salt) and violet (apple blackcurrant), orange (mandarin), light pink (grapefruit) and purple (taro).

A soft serve that looked dreamy, pretty and whimsical at the same time.

And I told myself, “I MUST HAVE THIS.”

An ice cream with one topping of fairy floss, sweet popcorn, popping candy or grilled marshmallow is $5.30. You can have it all at $8.00.

The sea salt flavour remains constant, while the two to three additional flavours change fortnightly. Fantastic branding move, as fans would constantly come back – and get their Instagram filled once more with new magical colours.

The truth is, I wasn’t expecting anything much initially, as something this colourful should have tasted artificially sweet or something.

The Sea Salt with Green Apple – one slightly salty the other sour yet refreshing, comes together well enough.

The cotton candy is photogenic, while distracting and messy to consume properly. Kids WILL love it though.

The Sea Salt with Caramello was even stranger, as you could imagine a very sweet caramel flavour ice cream over powering just everything else. The texture was smooth yet light enough.

Returned in subsequent years later to find new flavours of Pandan and Lemon Squash, Honey Milk and Tofu.

Quality not as consistent though, as we observed customers walking away with cones of different shades of blue, a different (somewhat lesser) quality of softserve.

Lemon Squash worked beautifully well with Sea Salt flavour; while the Pandan was lost in the woods.

Honey Milk was a safe choice, while Tofu reminded me of “tau hway”.

Queues seem to be shorter down, but fans still return every two weeks to find a new different flavour.

I guess soft serves, like life, have their ups and downs.

Aqua S
Shop 27 Level 10 501 George Street, Sydney, Australia 2000 (5-10 min walk from TownHall)
Tel: 02 86685957
Opening Hours: 12:00pm – 10:00pm Daily

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  1. hi Daniel. .this is random but chanced upon your site while searching for best shortbread in Sg . then start to browse thru’ your various food pages ..i must say you hv some great info here for a non-foodie like me – thks!

  2. When I saw The Sea Salt with Caramello, I impressed with design, it is so so strange but taste is better than visual I think… thks Daniel.


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