It is not all the time when a handsome Korean chef is cooking you Korean Fried Chicken. Now, make that TWO good-looking Korean chefs.

Twins Korean Restaurant looks set to fill some bellies and melt some hearts. Park Woo Jae and Park Sung Jae are Korean twins, 26 this year, born 3 minutes apart, and well… still single.

The twins with famous actress Jiwon Kim from “The Heirs” who is a fan of their soy & lemon kkanpungki.

There is no competition between the two in terms of cooking skills though. Woo Jae’s strength is in stir-fries and grills, while Sung Jae is in charge of the deep-fried items.

Twin’s menu comprise of several Korean food items that are in trend and family favourites – Korean Fried Chicken, Noodles, Korean Street Food (such as Tokkbokki, Seafood Pancake), Bingsoo and…. Ice Cream Beer for that cool and sweet refreshing.

The verdict. I liked the Soy and Garlic Chicken Wings ($15 for 10 pieces) best. Small-bite sized wings which were juicy and well-marinated on the inside, slightly crispy, enveloped with an addictive sweetish honey sauce. Daebak!

I have eaten many Korean Chicken Wings around, and Twin’s version is easily one of the best in Tanjong Pagar.

Sung Jae revealed that only fresh chicken is used, purchased on a daily basis, and a secret special sauce is applied for the marinate.

We recently went back for the Spicy Dakgangjung ($22 for medium, $30 for large), and this is a MUST-HAVE. Boneless fried chicken and fried tokkbokki (rice cake) enveloped in this sweet, savoury, spicy chilli sauce.

The chicken pieces were so tender and juicy, and the sauce finger-licking addictive. Spiciness-level wise, I thought it was manageable, while another friend quickly ordered more water for help.

Fried Chicken Parts are also available, in flavours of Original ($18 for half, $32 for whole) Onion, Soy & Garlic, Cheese and Yangnyum Sweet & Spicy ($20 for half, $35 for whole). Comparing the two, I liked the wings better in terms of execution.

The other ‘star’ dishes are the Kimchi Fried Rice ($15), and the Woojae’s Spicy Seafood Crab Noodle Soup ($13.90 for lunch, $16.90 for dinner) – a red Korean-Chinese noodle dish which is comforting (especially in a cooler weather), full in flavour with a touch of spicy kick.

This is named after one of the twins, and the creation also represents his pride and joy. At $13.90 with so much seafood (plus crab claws), this makes a delicious value-for-money lunch.

The Kimchi Fried Rice was aromatic, flavourful on every bite.

If you work in the vicinity, the good news is lunch sets (Chicken, Spicy Chicken BBQ and Bulgogi) which comes with salad and rice are available at only $11.90.

After some experimentation, the bingsoo has become bigger with a larger variety (they used to sell a mini size). The Mango Snow Bingsoo ($12) had a fluffy fine texture, though we thought that more ingredients could help pump up the taste level.

Twins Korean Restaurant would offer you some reasons to salivate – for their Korean Fried Chicken, range of Korean favourites, and for two good-looking chefs in the kitchen.

Twins Korean Restaurant
7 Craig Road Singapore 089667
Tel: +65 6221 5205
Opening Hours: 11am – 3:00pm, 5:00pm – 12am (Mon-Sat), 5pm – 12am (Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Twins Korean Restaurant.


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