The World’s Best Airline in 2015 is Qatar Airways, according to the World Airline Awards published by Skytrax. That leaves our pride Singapore Airlines in Number 2, and Cathay Pacific Airlines (I usually take this when going Hong Kong) in Number 3.

These are the 10 Best Airlines in the World
1 Qatar Airways
2 Singapore Airlines
3 Cathay Pacific Airways
4 Turkish Airlines
5 Emirates
6 Etihad Airways
7 ANA All Nippon Airways
8 Garuda Indonesia
9 EVA Air
10 Qantas Airways

I haven’t tried all 10 airlines yet, at least most of them. I could agree with 5-6 choices in the Top 10, though not necessary in specific ranking.

Well, I am actually more interested in the food. Etihad Airways, Austrian (oh woh) and Asiana Airlines are named tops for First, Business and Economy class respectively.

Asiana’s Business Class meal

Asian Airlines, which didn’t get any spot for the First and Business classes, emerged champions for Economy class. Any other surprises?

Maybe I am partial, but Singapore Airlines does quite consistently well in the Singapore Airlines Business Class meals, especially when they offer the Book-The-Cook option. Though in the Economy class, one out of the two meals would look haphazardly prepared aesthetically in a few shades of the same colour.

Cathay Pacific serves regional hot noodle soup in First and Business Class for selected routes to and from Hong Kong, and their Laksa and Wonton Noodles were some of my favourites.

First Class meal on Singapore Airlines

Best First Class Airline Catering
1 Etihad Airways
2 Singapore Airlines
3 ANA All Nippon Airways
4 Air France
5 Lufthansa
6 Oman Air
7 Qatar Airways
8 Qantas Airways
9 Cathay Pacific
10 Emirates

Hot piping Laska on Cathay Pacific’s Business Class

Best Business Class Airline Catering
1 Austrian
2 Turkish Airlines
3 Qatar Airways
4 Singapore Airlines
5 Cathay Pacific
6 Etihad Airways
7 Garuda Indonesia
8 Qantas Airways
9 ANA All Nippon Airways
10 Oman Airs

Economy class meal on Thai Airways

Best Economy Class Airline Catering
1 Asiana Airlines
2 Turkish Airlines
3 Thai Airways
4 Garuda Indonesia
5 Singapore Airlines
6 Cathay Pacific
7 Qatar Airways
8 Etihad Airways
9 Austrian
10 Qantas Airways

So which airline do you favour in terms of food and why?


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  1. I have never tried Asiana so I am intrigued as to how they have risen to number 1 in the catering ranking! Turkish and Garuda are amazing caterers in economy class. I would recommend both of them. As for Singapore Airlines, well they are my favourite airline, but I don’t think their economy meals are anything special. However, Book the Cook, in Business and Suites, is exceptional and a real industry leader IMO (even though Etihad seems to beat them in the first class catering rankings). I am always a sucker for the airline food – but not all airlines get it right.


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