It is not easy to tell what a shop called “Rollie Olie” would sell, therefore it may pose a challenge marketing and branding wise.

Yes, sushi rolls. And freshly made, delicious and good-looking ones.

The popular sushi rolls shops in Singapore include Koh Grill & Sushi Bar which offer the Instagram-popular Shiok Maki, Maki-San, and Sushi Tei known for their dragon rolls.

I like speciality shops. They do just one thing, and do them well.

The new-to-market Rollie Olie at The Star Vista sells more than 10 different types of rolls, including 9 signature rolls, ‘sushirritos’ and skinny rolls which are rice-less and rolled in soy paper.

For those who like your hands on sushi and yet contradictory want to avoid carbs, your wish has come true.

The signature rolls had international flavours incorporated such as K Kop ($12.95) filled with spicy crab meat and kimchi, Bollywood ($14.95) with curry prawn and avocado, Dos Amigos with grilled eel and cream cheese and Go Green ($12.95) a vegetarian version filled with asparagus, sweet potato and avocado.

Our favourite of the lot was the Beachcomber ($16.95) rolled with deep fried soft shell crab, prawn salad, avocado, cumber and jaama.

Other than the fact that it could be Instagram-worthy, we liked the creaminess of avocado and flavoured mayonnaise coming together, and a slice of strawberry which gave each piece a refreshing sweet touch. Pricey for a box of 8 pieces.

The K Pop ($12.95) felt it lacked a more pronounced taste of kimchi though.

What we liked about Rollie Olie – sushi rolls were made to order, fresh tasting, tightly wrapped, has interesting flavours, with choices of dipping sauces to complement. Yuzu mustard and curry mayo were the yums.

However, waiting time could take quite a while (I waited for 20 minutes), and those intending to have a quick lunch or takeaway would need some patience.

A set meal which comes with 4 pieces (cannot choose from all though), soup and salad is at $12.95. Promising sushi rolls, but rather off the radar. If Rollie Olie could get their processes fast and consistent, I would imagine this would be a hit in the CBD area.

Rollie Olie
The Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-05, Singapore 138617 (Buona Vista MRT)
Tel: +65 63165710
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon-Sat), 11:30am – 10pm

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