New discovery. The 2nd storey of Punggol Settlement is quite the enclave with loads of good food. Izakaya 95 is a hidden find, selling yakitori and Japanese food. It boosts a to-live-for view, especially when you visit during the evenings for the magic hour.

Getting to Punggol Settlement itself can be quite the challenge (directions below). Yes, its ulu but the discovery can be well-worth the journey. Tip: Get a friend who drives.

When we can be so absorbed into the city lifestyle, drop your woes and worries, and spend a couple of hours there.

While I was already quite familiar with this location popular with its seafood restaurants, I didn’t give much attention to the upper level before. Looked up and noticed it was filled with restaurants, cafes and drinking places to wind down the night.

Izakaya 95 is a no-fuss restaurant with a menu of Japanese small-plate dining and yakitori.

While Izakaya 95 may be locally owned, the variety of Japanese small plates is extensive with some signature items.

Best to go down with some sake, shochu or Japanese beer, light bar snacks such as Tatai Iwashi Grilled Dry Baby Sardine ($10) and Kawa Ebi Deep Fried Prawns ($10) are available.

If you are off alcohol and want a healthier option, go for the Green Salad ($8), Sashimi Bara Salad ($15) or Salmon Skin with Avocado Salad ($12) incorporating fresh greens.

The strength of Izakaya 95 is in its grill items, with seafood, meats and vegetables such as Tori Negi, Kagoshima Buta, Hotate Scallops and Engiri King Mushroom prepared over charcoal.

My favourite items the Bacon Asparagus ($4), Hotate Scallop ($5) and Tsukune Tare Homemade Minced Chicken Meat Skewer with Tare Sauce ($4). Fresh, juicy, evenly grilled with a minimal layer of char.

The recommended chicken items – Tori Negi Chicken Leek ($3), Tebasaki Chicken Wing ($4), Tori Momo Chicken Meat ($3) were the typical quality. In fact, I thought that the pork skewers such as the Kagoshima Buta Pork Belly ($5) were generally better than the chicken ones which inclined to be dry.

Yaki Mono Grilled Items
Compared to the usual teriyaki sauce, I found the Yuzu Mayonaise working complementary with Grilled Salmon ($16), adding a sweet citrusy touch.

The Kagoshima Buta Teriyaki ($18) came in a cute piggy wooden board, could have a bigger portion, but still tender and lightly seasoned.

Other than the grilled items, I liked the Niniku Garlic Fried Rice ($6) tasty and full or garlic aroma (don’t burp!), quite a steal for its price.

Seaview dining with Japanese izakya-style dining in an easy-going casual setting. This is quite the life.

Izakaya 95
3 Punggol Point #02-05 The Punggol Settlement Singapore 828694
Google Maps
Tel: +65 63841132
Opening Hours: 5pm – 12am (Tues-Fri), 1:30pm – 12am (Sat) 12:30pm – 12am (Sun, PH), Closed Mon

How To Get To Punggol Settlement
By Public Transport
Take Bus 84 from Punggol Bus Interchange and alight at Bus Stop No. 65139 (Punggol Road End) where the bus makes a U Turn. The bus journey would be about 5-10 min.

By Car / Bike
Exit Punggol Road (Exit 9) on TPE, turn right onto Punggol Road if you are coming from the East (Changi area), or turn left if you are coming from the West (Seletar area).

Drive for about 5 min up north along Punggol Road, passing by the HDBs and the forested area and you should the seaside. Before the cul-de-sac make a right turn into Punggol Point Road which will lead you to the car park.

* This post is brought to you in partnership with Izakaya 95.



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