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Japan produces some of the most amazing snacks, all wonderfully packaged and mouthwateringly tasty. Some of my favourites include the Ishiya Shiroi Koibito White Chocolate Biscuits, and Potato Farm Calbee Jaga Pokkuru.

Now you get the chance to buy them at some of the most discounted prices, provided exclusively via Hokkaido Omiyage Tankentai on Rakuten.

The $30 Hokkaido Sweets All Stars Assortment A pack comes highly recommended, a great starter kit for anyone who is exploring what they may like.

The Best of Hokkaido Snack pack includes
Ishiya Shiroi Koibito (White, Box of 12 pieces)
Calbee Jaga Pokkuru (Box of 10 packets)
Hori Pure Jelly (Pack of 12)
Rokkatei Marusei Biscuit (Box of 16)
Hokkaido Vegetables Chip (1 bag)
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Shiroi Koibito
These white chocolate European style cookies are better known as “White Lover” or 白い恋人, one of Hokkaido’s best known and hottest selling snacks since 1976.

If you have yet to try them, it is light Hokkaido butter biscuits with premium white chocolate sandwiched in between, tasting elegantly delicious.

Even though they are really popular, they are only sold in Hokkaido and selected places in Japan.

Information about Shiroi Koibito and Individual Order at $11.20

Calbee Jaga Pokkuru
These Potato Farm fries are easily my favourite snacks from Hokkaido, and I would always lug back boxes whenever I come back from Japan (Am snacking on them as I am typing this).

The Calbee Jaga Pokkuru fries-like chips are made using choice Hokkaido potatoes which are cut without peeling to retain the flavour of the skin, then added with roasted salt produced at Lake Saroma. VERY addictive, crispy and light. You can almost taste those real potato flavours. Comes in convenient packs of 10.

Hori Pure Jelly
You could fall in love with this immediately. After popping one, then I realised … Sweet Melons!

The Hori Pure Jelly is made with Yubari melon, known as the most expensive melon the world, and surprisingly retains the distinct flavour of the premium melon. Eat it after refrigeration and it almost feels like you are having the actual fruit. Exclusively selling on Rakuten.

Information about Hori Pure Jelly and Individual Order at $11.20

Rokkatei Marusei Biscuit
Hokkaido has been known for its dairy products, and these butter biscuits are testament to the quality.

This is the most popular product by Rokkatei, where the name ‘Marusei’ comes from the producer of the rich butter used. Exclusively selling on Rakuten.

Information about Rokkatei Marusei Biscuit and Individual Order at $16

Hokkaido Vegetables Chips
Hokkaido vegetable chips of potato, pumpkin and carrots, fried using low-temperature method and vacuum packed.

You can still taste some of the flavours and sweetness of the vegetables. Makes a light snack without the guilt. Exclusively sold on Rakuten.

Information about Hokkaido Vegetables Chip and Individual Order at $6.98

Readers who order via DanielFoodDiary.com would get a further $5 off, and purchase at an exclusive price of SGD$25 ONLY. Use Code “DANIEL5OFF” when checking-out online.

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  2. is the promo code still valid even though I have used it once before last time? would like to purchase more.

    the side bar shows the discount but when i check out it says not valid.

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