Coffee Cup may sound like a place where avid coffee lovers will venture to, as its name implies. They kept our hopes high with their regular updates regarding coffee on their Facebook page since January.

Nestled beside ABC Brickworks Food Centre, we tunneled through the ground floor of the old Jalan Bukit Merah estate (written as 3rd floor) and descended 2 storeys before reaching our destination.

That was a pretty tedious climb, but we treated that as ‘calorie-burning’. Now you know.

The interior has a rather cozy and homely touch. Black and white checkered floor tiles, black and white theme furniture… the solo turquoise blue wall seems out of place though.

It is endearing to see cafes opening in housing estates, injecting some different vibes in the area.

We did see some Ah gong and Ah ma going coffee waffles with their grandchildren in other cafes. Would this happen here?

Font size was small on its menu (font size 8-9).

Some interesting items on the menu included Cocktail Burrito ($6) (Alcoholics alert!), Smoked Duck Pizza ($5.80) (you heard me right, in a café) and Salted Pancakes ($4.20) with salted egg yolk sauce.

Prices were reasonable and ranged between $3.80 and $7.80. Not surprising since their prices has to be as competitive when ABC market is just a stone throw away.

The Cocktail Burrito ($6) was packed with small shrimps, greens and cocktail sauce – slightly spicy and appetizing. Taste wise, nothing uncommon.

The old-school styled bakes were freshly made in house daily. Mango and Oreo Cheesecakes were sold at $4 each, Chocolate fudge cake and carrot cake at $5 each whereas assorted cupcakes were priced at $1.80 each.

The cakes had a denser texture, could be slightly dry, and would need some refining. The Mango Cheesecake didn’t have the distinct mango savour, whereas the cinnamon cupcake tilted to the sweet side.

Coffee Cup can be an alternative dining place for office workers who are sian (bored) of the hawker fare at ABC market. (We loooooove ABC market by the way.)

Note to some café-hoppers: There is no latte art. (Could imagine screaming.) Will Coffee Cup be your cup of coffee?

Coffee Cup
Block 11, Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-4444, Singapore 150011 (10-15 min walk from Redhill MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon-Fri), 11am – 7pm (Sat), Closed Sun

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* Written by Daniel’s Food Diary Cafe Correspondent Nicholas Tan. Find him on instagram @stormscape


  1. Just giving my five cents worth. I live around the area so I’m quite familiar with the demographics (eldery, infirmed, lower-income). I was surprised when someone decided to set up a cafe here, wedged between a Chinese medicinal hall and a clinic. There is another food store further up after the stairways that are struggling to survive and their predecessors were no different. Each time I walk past the store, it’s completely empty, even on weekends. Its predecessor, a modern vegetarian cafe, also bid adieu after a few months. It did not even survive a year. Funny thing is, it decided to go up against another vegetarian shop right next door, a much more established and traditional one. No prizes for guessing which one won the direct confrontation.

    The morale of the story? Location and demographics play a crucial role in the survivability of cafes, especially when Singapore seems to be gripped by a cafe culture that is merely a passing fad. To make things worse, we do not have a critical mass to support the mushrooming of cafes all over the island.

    Each time a cafe opens, I wonder how deep the pockets of the owners are. Time is the best friend of any businessman, but does a new cafe have time on its side to win over customers in such a location with low footfall? Setting up a cafe is not just about updating its Facebook page with “TGIF, let’s celebrate with a cake today” or “Beat the Monday blues with a cuppa” accompanied by stylish photos. These are only auxiliary features that complement a good business plan (branding, branding, branding) and a real passion to provide comfort food in a comfortable setting.


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