What can $1 buy you nowadays? Thai Boat Noodles. Yes, another one. This is almost half price of the next cheapest kuai tiao ruea we found at $1.90.

Thai Boat Noodle at Bedok Point sells their Mini Boat Noodle with dry or soup versions at $1.00. The Tom Yam Noodle is at $1.50. It even includes a slice of fish! They say.

This suddenly dawned on me on the point that $1 really cannot get you anything much in Singapore.

Thai Boat Noodles were originally served in small portions in Thailand as vendors sold them between boats. Smaller portions would prevent spillage when the water turned choppy. Go to Bangkok’s Victory Monument now and you can get yours for about 40-50 cents (Sing dollars).

With that said, the $1 modern Singapore versions were way too small.

A gulp or two down, and it was gone. Here’s the thing: These small bowls lack the heat and the robustness, which to me are essential elements. (Also note, pig’s blood are not allowed in Singapore.)

The dry fared better than the soup version, which tasted kind of diluted. With that said, I would rather they sell it at $2.50 or $3.00, where the portions would make some sense. Perhaps they should have two sizes?

But the gimmicks work apparently, as I see tables around me stacked up with 9-10 bowls.

Their regular noodle eating competition also attracts many contestants. An iphone6 is at stake. The last winner Zermatt Neo won with 103 bowls in the qualifiers and 55 bowls in 15 minutes for the finals. As seen on their facebook “As usual, that skinny guy wins.” Lol

For regular eaters like me, Thai Boat Noodle also offer Ba Mee with Lava Egg ($7.20) where the egg noodles were imported from Thailand. Sauce was quite tasty, char siew soft and tender. Not the best I had here, not the worst either.

The Braised Pig Leg with Rice ($8.80) and Tom Yam Seafood Hot Pot with Rice ($11.80) were some of their regular favourites.

There were some dishes worth trying, though ironically, not the Thai Boat Noodle.

Thai Boat Noodle
799 New Upper Changi Road, Bedok Point #02-32/34 Singapore 467351 (Bedok MRT)
Tel: +65 64459932
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10pm Daily, Last Order 9:15pm

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  1. I tried their food today. Baa Mee, boat noodles, chicken wing, Khao Ka moo, chai yen, etc.Think they are one of the better n authentic ones in town.


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