Yes, THAT Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant famous for their roast duck, with some reviews saying it is “the best roast duck in the world” has opened in Singapore – the 4th city after London, Shanghai and Bangkok.

Yes, this is the London Bayswater duck.

Four Seasons (with no relation to the hotel group) is brought over here by the Royal China group, and appropriately opened at Capitol Piazza, positioned as an upper-end mall attracting many new to market brands.

I will start by saying that I have yet to try their roast duck in any of the other countries, even though I passed by the restaurants quite a few times. Strangely, it didn’t interest me enough then, though I had friends raving about their food.

The restaurant which opened as a small outlet in Queensway London way back in 1990 became known for its roast duck, and attracted a daily long queue.

The duck took a long preparation time as it would be thoroughly dried before being marinated with a secret blend of spices and herbs, with firing done in a specially built roasting furnace which would help distribute the heat evenly.

A Four Season Roasted Duck would cost a premium price of $68 for a whole ($36 for half and $22 for portion) in Singapore, hardly cheap at all.

For comparison, prices in London are £22, £12.50 and £9.50 respectively (SGD$44.30, $25.20, $19.10).

Okay with that said, the Roast Duck did have a delectable sauce, seemingly a mixture of soy sauce, sweetener, herbs and spices, somewhat like an elevated version of the Hoisin sauce.

Some parts of the duck meat were tougher than expected, and there wasn’t a crisp golden outer skin as claimed to be. It was kind of soaked in the sauce.

But all in all, still a good duck dish.

The other dishes recommended by the service staff were considered ordinary, and somewhat expensive for its price.

We had the Deep Fried Sesame Prawn Toast ($12) which bordered on tasteless and oily for a prawn appetizer, House Special Fried Noodles ($18) and House Special “Pei-Pa” Beancurd ($28) – the best of the lot, though nothing really impressive.

Some of the competitor Chinese restaurant brands in Singapore appeared to fare better for similar dishes.

All in all, an okay-good roast duck, but the rest of the menu didn’t manage to impress.

Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant
Capitol Piazza #02-27/28/29, 13 Stamford Road Singapore 178905 (City Hall MRT)
Tel: +65 67021838
Opening Hours: 11am – 10:30pm

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  1. Went twice,first time was alone,ate noodle with roast duck & tea,paid ard $20+,second time,give friend a treat before countdown,was introduced to try set for 2 at $55++but i dint,jz ordered roadt duck ,2 plain noodle,a stir fry vegie & tea total $91,price a bit hi,as I hv eaten at bayswater.


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