Spa Esprit Group who first experimented with Kiasu Espresso at this unit of 100AM Shopping Mall and didn’t quite work, has launched Skinny Salads – an offspring of the pappadum-inspired Skinny Pizza.

Do we need ANOTHER salad shop in the CBD area? Apparently so, as OLs, gym-going executives, or those who can finally work on their new year resolutions can find healthier alternatives.

The challenge for any new salad shop is: how you differentiate with competitors all there, especially when they taste the same after a while with greens, healthier meats and some fanciful dressings.

The group has always been known for working with the right partners, this time with New Zealander celebrity chef Philip Davenport who appeared on The Toque 12.

Not the usual boring stuff. Eight salad and seven wraps varieties are available, with flavours inspired from Europe and Asian countries of Japan, Vietnam and Thailand.

Thus, you would find rather different Green Papaya and Snake Beans ($9) with Nahm Jin (Thai dipping sauce) dressing, Cabbage with Nouc Cham dressing ($9) and Soba & Watercress ($11.50).

We liked the freshness of the vegetables used, delivering both bright colours and crunch. Dressings are made from scratch. The Organic Chicken and Spinach ($12.50) we ordered boosted tender and healthy-tasting (ie not oily, but plain tasting) roast chicken.

Two minor feedback: Portions could be much larger, as quantity given looked much less than nearby salad shops (We did try quite a number). The intensity of the sauces was also there yet not quite there, somehow muted and not presenting the essence of these Asian dips in full.

The idea of a Master Stock Pork Belly Wrap ($8.50) with Vietnamese salad and kimchi aioli fillings sounded promising, but we were more excited that the wrap was freshly grilled till very warm with a crisp outer layer, than it being thin and flat.

Their pizzas may be skinny, but we certainly hope the case is not so for their salads and wraps.

Skinny Salads
#01-03 100AM Shopping Mall, 100 Tras Street, Singapore 079027 (Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Tel: +65 64442136
Opening Hours: 8am – 8pm (Mon-Sun)

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  1. Looks a good little shop, but the salad industry is very saturated at the moment (no pun intended). At the moment, the best new salad bar that caught my eye is Green Rabbit, but the best salad brand overall has gotta be Sumo Salad. That brand just…works.


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