Entering Golden Mile may make you forget that you are still in Singapore. The complex which earned its reputation as Little Thailand could shock first-timers with how… different it is.

Even if I have been to Thailand several times (a year), I still find the Golden Mile amusing with its mix of brisk Thai restaurants, supermarket, clothing shops and beer places, with many local men – some young to mostly middle-aged, drinking beer with Thai girls. It is almost like they finally found happiness in this dated Thai wonderland.

Of course I was there for the food, where mookata and Thai cooked food restaurants found popularity in recent years.

I walked up and down the complex trying to find Noodle Café, which supposedly sold quite authentic boat noodles. Initially, I chose to avoid going down a staircase to somewhere called “Diva Disco”, until I realized this same staircase was the same that would lead me to food.

The dark cramped space would be terror for food bloggers looking for a photogenic scene, but I was here for my Kuay Teow Reua (boat noodle).

There were five steps on the menu to customise your Kuay Teow Reua, where you can choose the meat (beef or pork), size (there is even a $1.90 portion available), noodles, taste (dry, soup, clear or tom yum) and level of spiciness.

Under advice, we went for “less spicy” and already went “phet!” (spicy).

The benefits of ordering a $1.90 portion is that you can try a number of combinations. (Photos feature a $5 bowl.)

We loved the imported kuay tiao, smoothly thin yet broad, swimming in a simmering dark broth rumbling with pork lard oil. Spicy is an understatement, but the sauce deep in colours and rich in flavours was pleasing. We also ordered an additional dollar of boiled kang kong, which we happily dipped with the sauce.

The taste was not quite the same as what you would get in the streets of Thailand though, because of the omission of pig’s blood.

The word ‘authentic’ has been overused by many Thai restaurants in Singapore, and we almost lost track of what it really means. Perhaps over here, this is as authentic as it can get.

Noodle Café – Thai Boat Noodle
5001 Beach Road Golden Mile Complex #B1-08 Singapore 199588
Opening Hours: 12pm – 9pm

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  1. Had the braised pork glass noodle and the broth was so flavourful with melt in your mouth slices of braised pork. Will be back again to try their signature duck noodles that was still not available at lunch time.


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