[Bangkok, Thailand] Bamee Gua (or Ba-Mee Kua) wasn’t exactly easy to find. Fortunately, we knew that the shop was just steps away from Vietnamese restaurant Thang Long, diagonally opposite Wine Bridge Plus at Soi Lang Suan.

The family run restaurant had such an old-school charm, being in operation since 1947. They sell traditional homemade egg noodles, made fresh daily with no colour addictive, preservatives or MSG (a rarity for a Bangkok noodle stall).

We didn’t know what to do, did some pointing, and ended up with Bamee Gua’s House Specialty (50 baht). The bowl had so many ingredients … fish ball, fish wonton, grilled pork, cooked chicken and squid.

Springy noodles lingering with pork lard aroma, available in both dry or soup versions. The sauce was plain, and therefore most of the flavours would come from the lard – quite typical of Bangkok’s egg noodles, and pickled turnip bits they use as garnish on their noodles

We liked most of the ingredients, except the squid, which was kind of rubbery and tasteless.

Otherwise, a bowl of simple, beautifully prepared noodles.

Bamee Gua
89 Soi Langsuan, Langsuan Road ลุมพินี, ประเทศไทย

Map of the Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road neighbourhood

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