This integrated baking studio-café is located at Sembawang along Jalan Tampang. Wait… Jalan Tumpang… I mean Jalan Tampang?

Even the address tells me that I should tumpang a ride here since it’s a 15 minutes walk from Sembawang MRT. Really Pulau Sembawang, ulu leh…

The integrated baking studio-café has it pros and cons. Aesthetically, the kitchen, which can be a war zone (think whipped cream, eggs and flour everywhere), can be messy at times. But on the other hand, you eat what you bake, fresh from the oven.

We liked the open space concept, no windows or doors within the baking studio, and the occasional aroma passing through the studio into the café.

Occasionally, we could even pick up a few baking tips if there were ongoing lessons within the studio.

Recommendations included the Red Velvet Cake, Paddle Pop Cheesecake ($6.80) and Popovers.

There is no fixed menu at Baker’s Brew Studio and the items change every day depending on the bakers present.

The Paddle Pop Cheesecake ($6.80) caught our attention among those on display. Similar to the ones we had at Tian Kee and Co but with a darker shade, this was not cloyingly sweet and had a smooth texture.

We wished that the slice would be bigger, because it did seem to be smaller than other sliced cakes we had elsewhere.

The Popovers looked interesting and we got our hands on The Custard Popover (1 for $3.50, 3 for $10). It had a similar taste to cream puffs, with a crispy texture topped with custard and berries.

These popovers also come with a savory version with cheese and chicken toppings instead.

While we were eating halfway through the bakes, “Ding…” the timer on the oven went off. We decided to get that slice of freshly baked Raspberry Ripple ($7.50) right from the oven.

We loved the fluffy and moist texture of the cake. The aroma was different from those on display at the counter. The buttercream was light and sweetness was well balanced.

Baker’s Brew Studio is a place with passionate bakers who are willing to share the idea behind their creations. If you are inspired by the bakes tried there, approach these fun- loving bakers as they do offer baking classes there.

Come to think of it, the Brewing component is still lacking at Baker’s BREW Studio as they do not offer any beverage yet at the moment. Hopefully, in the near future.

Baker’s Brew Studio
6 Jalan Tampang, Sembawang, Singapore 751468 (10-15 min walk from Sembawang MRT)
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 10pm (Mon-Sun)

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* Written by Daniel’s Food Diary Food Correspondent Nicholas Tan. You can find him on Instagram @Stormscape


  1. I’m happy to see that cafes have opened in the North! You should try the dim sum restaurant, East Bistro, that’s at the corner, it’s not bad!


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