It is quite an open secret that I love AmaSoy’s Japanese Puddings. Enhanced with collagen (mei mei = looking good), omega 3, made with 100% organic soy beans and no preservatives! Beauty and health benefits aside, the silky smooth texture and delicate taste of the puddings are what which made me return repeatedly as a satisfied customer.

I’ve got a new reason to visit AmaSoy! No, make that 3 reasons: Hokkaido Milk Soft Serve,Churros Twist and JCone!

Located at basement 4 of ION Orchard, AmaSoy indeed has us feeling rather excited about its new products. One of it had me giggling non-stop.

The JCone ($5) is a marriage of Korean’s Jipangyi and Japanese’s soft serve. Japanese or Korean? Both.

Each yellow-hue JCone shell is freshly made in Singapore from 100% sweet corn, hard with a crispy bite and filled with lovely icy sensation of smooth soft serve in sweet vanilla soft serve.

Some things cannot be eaten with eye contact, and the awkwardly-shaped JCone is one of them. (Could be so embarrassing.)

No need to be dainty about it too, the best way to enjoy is to chomp it down fast and furious with much gusto. Don’t care about image lah!

Amasoy’s Hokkaido Milk Soft Serve ($2.50) is available in vanilla, matcha and mixed vanilla-matcha flavors. I especially like the matcha soft serve which is made with premium Japanese green tea powder imported from Kyoto Japan, along with a smooth milky texture.

Enjoyable on its own in a cup and equally pleasurable with a cone too, but to add an interesting twist to it, here comes the Spanish churros!

It may sound strange but the Churros Twist ($3.50/$5.50, additional 50 cents for chocolate, strawberry or mango sauce) combination of Japanese soft serve and Spanish churros reminded me of how I would eat MCD’s fries with ice cream back in my younger days.

The contrasting hot and cold pairing certainly works. Also, I like it how the churros are fried ala-minute, ensuring a piping hot and crispy bite for each order. Simply delightful!

ION Orchard #B4-64, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801 (Orchard MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 9:30pm Daily

Check out our specially produced video as well!

* In case you are wondering why the tone of this post sounds rather female, that is because PinkyPiggu wrote it. Since I am also consultant to AmaSoy, thought it would be fun to have somebody else’s point of view.


  1. Matcha soft serve is absolutely addictive. I really like the version from Tsujiri which I have recently tried in Taipei as well as this from 明森宇治抹茶專賣店!

  2. Daniel, could you tell me if the AmaSoy puddings are similar to Uncle Tetsu Cheese Cake? Now that Uncle Tetsu has gone from ION, I am looking for something similar to that Japanese soft texture cake. Is the AmaSoy pudding going to be the one? 😉

    • I think they are really quite two entirely different products. One’s a cheesecake (fluffy), the other is pudding (smooth). 🙂

  3. Hi may I check if this place is closed? I went there today ( 2 Dec) and saw that the shop is no longer there.. Any idea if it has relocated, or closed for good (which I hope not!)?



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