Chick and Ken. Easy to remember name, and does remind me of Barbie and Ken. No toys here, but current trending foods – Korean Fried Chicken, Korean Bingsu and Spam Fries.

After entering the restaurant at Lorong Telok near Boat Quay, there was a sense of familiarity – the interior design, dark flooring, warm orangey lights and syringes in the bingsu immediately reminded me of Stateland Café and Honey Comb.

My guess was right. It IS opened by the Stateland boys.

Which got me wondering. They opened a waffles café when waffles was in, a Korean soft serve place just after Honey Creme, and a Korean chicken + bingsu restaurant. Would riding on the trend be three times lucky for them?

There are three types of Korean Fried Chicken available – Yangnyeom (with gochujiang, garlic and rice syrup), Ganjang (soy sauce, garlic and mirin) and Salted Egg Chicken (salted egg yolk, evaporated milk, chilli and curry leaves). $15.90 for 8 pieces, and $29.90 for 16 pieces – a mixture of wings and drumlets.

Ironically, we liked the Salted Egg Chicken flavoured ones best, possibly the least Korean of it all.

While the sauces were at least tasty, the chicken lacked the juiciness and crackly crust which is the hallmark of good Korean fried chicken. Sorry guys, it tasted like just sauce over chicken. That’s all.

Bingsu which came with syringes fared somewhere in the middle – not the best, not our worst. We ordered the Thai inspired Cha-Yen Bingsu ($12.90). The honeyed corn flakes were delightful, but the overall dessert was one-dimensionally sweet.

A friend who had bingsu the first time remarked, “Isn’t this ice kachang with cornflakes?” Ouch.

Chick and Ken’s lunch set ($8.90) with 4 chicken pieces, sides and a homemade iced tea was $8.90. Quite value-for-money. Though, but, maybe a waffles place could have worked better here.

Chick and Ken
21 Lorong Telok, Raffles Park, Singapore 049033 (Raffles Place MRT)
Tel: +65 91507257
Opening Hours: 12pmm – 10pm (Mon-Sat), Closed Sun

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