Where does Pornsak get all his energy from, I do not know. The television host, owner of Chinese learning lab, Masters graduate from Monash University, current TCM undergraduate has just opened his 5th Porn’s restaurant.

This guy is crazy amazing. He doesn’t stop. Okay, nevermind that his Thai restaurant Porn’s has a fair mix of good and negative reviews, he is one of the few local artiste I know who ventures into F&B and actually succeeds.

The 5th shop, specializing in Thai style noodles, is located at a rather inconspicuous unit at Kitchener Complex. But it is a 5 minute walk from Lavender MRT, and just opposite Hotel V.

The shop is called “Porn’s Thai Boat Noodee”, not Noodle.

There were seven types of soup noodles available, including the signature Thai Beef, Clear or Red Tom Yum, Thai Duck, Thai Chicken, Suki Chicken to a strange-tasting Yen Ta Fo Fishball Noodles Soup. All at $6.50. Pretty affordable.

Some desserts and snacks such as Thai Red Ruby ($3.90), Thai Chendol ($3.90) and You Tiao with Kaya Dips were available.

While there is a relatively large dine-in area, Porn’s Thai Food Noodee could work well as a take-away concept, with noodles contained in strikingly bright pink bowl. Pornsak, himself wearing all pink, said it was Porn’s lucky and corporate colour.

The safest choice would be the Thai Beef Noodles Soup ($6.50), as the soup stock proved to be flavourful and rich, complemented by four bouncy beef balls.

I wished there were some beef slices to add some variety in textures, though Pornsak said he had yet found the right supplier for good and affordable beef, and would rather provide more balls.

What we liked best was the Suki Chicken Noodles Soup ($6.50), popular in the streets of Thailand, but not so common here. This contained a variety of sauces and light seasoning, along with chicken slices and an egg.

The taste was varied – part salty, part sweet, a tad spicy but not much. The portion of noodles could be lessened, disproportionate to the amount of soup given.

If you have seen Thai street noodle stalls, you might have noticed strange looking bowls of Thai pink noodles. Yah, PINK!

Porn’s offered the Yen Ta Fo Noodle Soup ($6.50), the colour due to the addition of Thai style fermented soybean paste.

The menu read this was “malodorous”. Not so foul-smelling, I just thought the soup base tasted weird. This would need some getting accustomed to, but was not really to try more to like it.

In order of preference, it would be Suki, followed by the Boat Noodles and the Duck Noodles Soup. The recipe of the Duck Noodles was from Porn’s auntie who owned a restaurant in Thailand, and advised him to add two ducks to the soup base every single day.

It won’t be easy spotting boss at this restaurant. But if he is around, the energizer bunny won’t be hard to spot, obliging for photos if requested.

Porn’s Thai Food Noodee
Kitchener Complex, 809 French Road #01-43/44/45 Singapore 200809 (Lavender MRT)
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily, Last Orders 9:30pm

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  1. Yen Ta Fu is rather equivalent to our Yong tau fu. It’s just the slight difference I taste tht needs getting accustomed to.


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