[Updated Aug 2015] NUDE Seafood has been very popular among CBD workers during weekday lunches. To thank their regulars and to expand on their repertoire, the restaurant has introduced a special 4-course “Friday Feast” once a week, every Friday dinner.

This is a 4-course meal, priced at $68++ per guest.

We had the Autumn Feast. The one dish that we liked best was the King Prawn and Cappellini – fresh prawn with bite, cappellini tossed in good flavours, with nuts adding a touch of crunch. Seafood is their strength.

The Japanese Pumpkin cooked 4-ways had mixed feedback. We liked some components, but not quite the rest. The molten croquette was a pleasant surprise, both in execution and taste. In the end, we felt there was too much pumpkin as a starter.

Four Variations of Japanese Pumpkin – as a molten croquette, roasted with herbs and duck fat, in a creme brûlée, and in a pumpkin seed tuile; accompanied with semi-dried tomatoes and pistachio aioli

King Prawn and Cappellini – wild-caught king prawns lightly poached with lemongrass, paired with chilled capellini, wakame, and smoked nuts

Salmon and Ikura – sashimi-grade salmon, seared, with ikura, lime zest, jicama crudites, smoked Japanese anchovies, brussel sprouts, and dashi foam

Autumn Meadow – choux au craquelin, Varlhona 70% dark chocolate and rum mousse, homemade vanilla ice cream, goma soil, poached cherries with anise, cherry gel, raspberries

[Original Entry] NUDE Seafood. Naked Finn. There is something very seductive about these newly established local seafood restaurants. They both prepare seafood which are fresh, of good quality and simply seasoned – so that diners can appreciate the natural taste.

CBD dwellers have been flocking to NUDE Seafood, conveniently located at Marina Bay Financial Centre, offering a repertoire of seafood, salads, some desserts and coffee. Beans are from Common Man Coffee Roasters, prepared in a Synesso machine.

Nothing too raunchy about the name “NUDE Seafood”, embodying the concept of NUtritious and Delicious. Co-owner Whey Han explained, “It’s all about enjoying your food without the sinful consciousness of your tummy.”

That was enough to get the group of us excited to see what they have in store for us.

A dish that caught our attention was the Norway flown Hickory-smoked Salmon ($16 – no service charge or GST for all prices).

I mean, who could resist sushi-grade salmon, accompanied with savoury, smoked beetroot cubes and forgotten grains. Although the salmon was a tad bit dry, we did owe part of it to the fact that we spent too much time capturing the presentation with our phones.

Co-owner Junchen was sharing that the “forgotten grains” consisted of nuts, seeds and greens that we do not usually eat, but complimented each other well together.

The highlight of the meal was the Miso-grilled Chilean Seabass ($22), easily our favourite, which was commonly mistaken for black cod due to its dark coloured skin.

A bite into it revealed a succulent, well cooked fish with flavours bursting in your mouth. Married with the sea bass was a portion of Andean superfood (quinoa), proclaimed to be “one of the healthiest food on the planet” by TIME magazine.

The Herb-grilled King Prawns ($16) were considered the ‘most photogenic dish’ according to fellow food blogger PinkyPiggu. The butterfly-like back revealed a mild herb butter coating that would make you want to dig in for more.

What I found interesting was that the reason the prawns were cut this way was to allow the chef to remove the ‘vein’ (similar to a black thread) out, but it also resulted in the beautiful butterfly display.

In order of my personal preference, it was the Chilean Seabass, Salmon, King Prawns and Spanish Mackerel in that order.

Lastly, what is a meal without dessert? The home-made Strawberry Mess ($6) was a combination of deconstructed almond sponge cake together with air-flown strawberries and the works. Expect a moment of bliss as you sink your teeth into the sweet and juicy strawberries. Definitely a must try! (Okay, the portion was a tad small.)

NUDE Seafood was a refreshing experience where the best of both worlds – taste and healthy food – collide.

Even my friends said that it seemed to have converted a food junkie like me to eat clean. I still love my repertoire of fried and oily food, but if I ever want to pamper myself, I definitely know where my next stop is!

PS: Do visit early as they frequently run out of popular dishes, because the seafood are fresh flown in daily.

NUDE Seafood
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 #01-02, Singapore 018982 (Marina MRT Station – Downdown line, or 15 min walk from Raffles Place MRT)
Tel: +65 6443 1167
Opening Hours: 8am – 8pm

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* Post written by Kenny Soon and Daniel Ang. Daniel calls Kenny his “high level” friend because he is extremely picky with his food. If Kenny were to be a food blogger, he would fail half of the restaurants in Singapore. Just saying.


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