[Updated May 2015] Montana Brew Bar challenged me to their Spicy Bacon Pasta ($11.00) which came with 4 levels of spiciness.

Accordingly, some customers could not get past Level 1.

Armed with experience with already having mala hotpot at Sichuan, I decided to be gungho, I mean bold to go ahead with the maximum of Level 4. Might as well right? The kitchen then suggested a 4.5.

Then I took my first bite…

OHHHHHHH….. It was fiery, the type that you could feel the hotness go from your mouth to tummy, and maybe out. Okay TMI. But I thought it was still manageable, and finished half the plate, along with 3 glass of waters and some sweat down the forehead. Half because you just taste the chili plus pasta and nothing much else.

My female dining partner took a small bite and, “What is this?! Water! Water!!”

And so. If you want to challenge yourself, go go go for it, because *ahem* I am currently the ‘record holder’ at Level 4.5 of spiciness. I am kind of sure that will be easily broken. No prize though.

[Original Entry] Did anyone mention that Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar serves pretty awesome waffles? Especially their churros waffles. When the team behind the diner opened Montana Brew Bar, I went with a certain level of expectation, and wasn’t disappointed.

Montana Brew Bar conveniently located at POMO described itself as an “urban chic coffee brew bar”, offering a selection of burgers, waffles, sandwiches, pastries with tea and coffee.

I thought that the name might be better described as “Montana Café & Brew Bar”, to better cater to the students in surrounding areas. Yes, I am talking about you – SMU, SOTA, Kaplan, Lasalle, and NAFA students.

The word ‘Montana’ could have given the impression that the offerings could have been steep. To my surprise, it was a humble looking space, with items suitably affordable for students – waffles priced between $8.00 and $12.50 (for the portions), sandwiches $9.50 and below. (Students from certain institutions get a further discount, so do check with their service staff.)

Coffee with beans from Common Man and be customised to your preference, with Pourover ($5.20) and Aeropress ($5.20) available.

These were some of my personal favourite waffles, in order.

Truffle Mac & Cheese ($12.50) with bacon powder
I was half expecting waffles to come served with a scoop of creamy mac & cheese on top (too predictable yah?), so I wondered why the pieces came sans the topping.

Oh, the mac & cheese were incorporated WITHIN the waffles. So as you take bites, you would find the inner layers soft and somewhat cheesy. I know this was carb in carb, but close your eyes to eat, and you might find this worth that extra run to burn the calories. Only suggestion: more truffle please.

Southern Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich with wasabi slaw ($10.50)
This is like the IN café food now. But wait $9.50? Then I recall some other places selling the very same item close to twice its price.

Quality is not compromised though. (I read that the 8 Days writers also liked this a lot, describing it as “juicy and flavourful”.) The waffles were evenly crisp on the outside, yet fluffy. How did they manage to achieve this balance in textures? Probably one of the best I eaten locally. (Okay lah, if the chicken was more tender, it would have been a perfect 10.)

Chocolate Banana Waffles ($10.50)
This was the usual best seller. I mean chocolate + caramelised bananas could go no wrong. We also tried the Waffles Suzette ($9.50) with orange compote, caramelised orange, vanilla ice cream, but much preferred the chocolate version for its softer texture. The bananas were also suitably sweet (not over), and firm to the touch.

If you prefer the soft spongy textured waffles, Montana also had Frittaffle ($8.00) on its menu. That is frittata (Italian dish similar to an omelette or crustless quiche) served as waffles. And it is vegetarian.

We went back for the Red Velvet Waffle Slack ($10.50) with white chocolate rose sauce which makes this one of the most photogenic and tastiest waffles around. There were two types of bases: the big crunch which is crispy, and fluffy soufflé with a chiffon-like middle. Get the fluffy version!

Montana Brew Bar
1 Selegie Road #01-04, Singapore 188306 (10 min walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT)
Tel: +65 98331790
Opening Hours: 8am – 9:30pm (Food from 10am onwards)
Reserve Online Now – Montana Brew Bar

*This entry is brought to you in partnership with Montana Brew Bar.


  1. Hi Daniel,

    I really like reading your recommendations a lot. But i i think i was abit disappointed by Montana Brew Bar waffles. When i went with my friend to try the southern chix waffle and frittafle, the former had very dry chicken, while the frittafle was really bland. Also my friend n i found the waffle very crumbly..

    • Hi Mari, as mentioned in the post, I also wished the chicken was more tender. I guess frittafle is an acquired taste. I checked some of the comments, some liked it, some didn’t as much. Will let the people from Montana know about the crumbly waffle, what was ‘crumbly’ about it?

  2. Hi Daniel,

    My friend and i didn’t have to use effort to cut our waffles as they came apart quite easily into little pieces. I would attribute this to the fact that one waffle was halved and the chicken fillet was served in between these thin half slices. Looking at your picture i notice you had two waffles sandwiching the chicken, so that could explain why you didn’t find the waffle crumbly.

  3. Hi Daniel!
    The tel no u gave are the wrong one. The phone number u gave is a cafe at outrum We booked but Montana actually don’t do reservation. Just to inform u to prevent others having the same mistake!

    • Hi Moon, the number given is retrieved from their Facebook. From what I understand, both places are operated by the same team, and thus the same number.


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