Boufe will be ending operations end of June 2020 due to the end of their lease.

They have teamed up with a group of chefs for a “Boufe Night Market” to deliver a variety of cuisine from 6pm to 9pm daily.

You can still look forward to Kampung Style Chicken Satay and Korean Army Stew.

”Is that a café that offers buffet?” My friend asked. I was stunned for a moment, thinking if my pronunciation is that bad. But on second thought, Boufe DOES sound like buffet.

Boufe originates from 2 words; namely BOUtique and caFÉ. Combine the two and you will see them in reality, a boutique for the women in a café setting.

However, Boufe Boutique Café has moved on to be more cakes and food focused. Even though getting there is not the most convenient, it has become popular for a place to take #OOTD instagram shots.

Situated within Phoenix Park along Tanglin Road, Boufe is located right at the furthest end away from the entrance.

I heard… you could hitch a ride from the security guards with a buggy at the entrance to anywhere within the compound, if you are a girl.

The men don’t get it. We (the guys) ended up getting ‘bochap-ed’ by the guards, and decided to walk in ourselves.

The buildings within Phoenix Park pretty much retained the looks since the British colonial rule in Singapore.

Within Boufe, they took a minimalist interior approach; simple, clean, white and sufficient natural lighting in the daytime (instagrammers alert).

The cafe offered brunch menu items from 9am to 6pm with recommended dishes such as Triple B ($20) that stands for Boufe’s Big Breakfast, Eggs Benedict ($16), Smoked Salmon Croissant ($17), Guacamole Breakfast ($16) and Brioche French Toast ($17).

All items are priced $20 or below.

I ordered The Triple B ($21) that came with a little of everything on a single plate. Those luxurious looking runny scrambled eggs outshone the rest and captured my attention.

The streaky bacon left a deeper impression with its crispy honey glazed coating and ba kwa (barbequed pork) taste.

The Classic Croque Madame ($19) came with ham and cheese sandwich with a sunny-side up on top.

Even though the sandwich was pretty thick, the breads were considered fluffy and soft. I wished, they would have more mornay sauce to go along..

The pastries were freshly baked in house daily. Their selection includes The Rock ($8) – 64% chocolate mousse with rum syrup, Milky Way which is a galaxy cake ($8.50), Mini Unicorn Cake ($9), Classic Cheese Cake ($8) and Strawberry Shortcake ($8).

Since I cannot decide on which flavour to try, I decided to go with one of each of their macarons ($3.30 each) selection.

The ones that stood out for us were the pistachio and chocolate, with tiny chocolate balls in the ganache filling with an added crunch.

The Strawberry Shortcake ($8), was probably a dollar more expensive than elsewhere. Pretty decent, photogenic, but maybe not that memorable.

The Chocolate Tart ($5.50) had the most interesting looks among the pastries. It resembled much of the colours of the café interior, mainly black and white, and also shaped the ‘yin-yang’ logo in Taoism.

Interestingly, the tart filling was made up of 3 separate layers: dark chocolate for the top, milk chocolate for the middle and peanut butter for the bottom layer.

A cup of Flat White or Latte will cost $5.00 whereas flavoured latte such as vanilla, hazelnut or caramel will cost $5.50 or $6.50 for the iced versions.

One of the intriguing drinks that would make a refreshing after-meal beverage would be the Charcoal Lemonade. Looking blackish, and made with freshly squeezed lemons.

To stay on the instagram radar, Boufe has also introduced The Cosmo Cake ($12.90), in which you can glaze your own galaxy cake complete with the dry ice effect. Act like a pro, huh.

It is available from 10:30am onwards during weekdays, and 11:30am for weekends, only in limited quantities.

While the taste is similar to the usual Milky Way priced a few dollars lower, the entire process added interactivity, fun and talking points.

All to be part of the instagram ‘game’. Why not?

Boufe Boutique Cafe
308 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park #01-01, Singapore 247974 (15 – 20 min walk from Redhill MRT)
Tel: +65 6734 7656
Opening Hours: 8:00am – 7:00pm (Mon – Fri), 9:00am – 7:00pm (Sat – Sun), Last Order 6:00pm

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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