The IN food and buzz words for now? Detox, cold-pressed juices, salads, smoothies, wraps. Guac & Go has them all. Oh, plus cold-brewed coffee.

Time to diet for me. It took me a while to find this salad bar cum café at Maxwell Chambers, and then I realised it took over the space left vacant by Once Upon a Milkshake. From milkshakes to juices, a sign of changing times?

I went to check out the café on a lazy afternoon, with full plans to embark on my New Year resolution, and was startled to see the staff walking in carrying in bags of McDonalds (for their lunch I supposed). Moral of the story: After you eat clean, you can afford to have anything you want lah?

The name ‘Guac & Go’ was inspired by the term ‘grab & go’, aiming to be the place for CBD folks to get their healthy meals.

As for ‘Guac’, the difference is their salads, nachos and wraps can incorporate fresh guacamole made to order from avocados, with choices of original, mango or spicy guacamole.

The Salads ($8) and Wraps ($9) with choice of mushroom or chicken toppings (an additional $1 for smoked salmon or smoked duck) makes Guac & Go one of the most reasonably priced ones around the Tanjong Pagar area, plus it comes with a comfortable seating area.

I liked my Smoked Duck Salad. It felt that eating healthy doesn’t mean that you should compromise on the taste. Adding smooth guacamole gave the salad a more varied creamy texture.

Perhaps I am still not familiar price points of organic cold pressed, but $13 ($17 for bigger bottle) was a little surprising. Their Kale-O-Gram was packed with ingredients though – 9 different fruits, vegetables (organic kale, spinach, mustard greens, cucumber) and herbs like dandelion.

For those interested, cleanses start from $72 for 6 bottles per day.

I like the quietness and space of Guac & Go, the juices were refreshing and tasty, though executives in CBD may prefer a greater variety of salads to make it a frequent go-back place.

Guac & Go
32 Maxwell Road, #01-08 Singapore 069115)
Tel: +65 62212117
Opening Hours: 9am-7:30pm (Mon-Fri), 10am – 7pm (Sat-Sun)

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  1. Smoked duck and salmon isn’t exactly healthy, and there are tons of cheaper salad joints around selling yummy salad with greater variety. But of course the seating area is a plus point. But price isn’t exactly pocket friendly. Hmm.

  2. they sell organic or hydroponic produce. and they don’t use pre-washed or pre-packed salads. i guess its good for people who are interested in having less pesticides.


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